Gran Turismo 5 Not Quite Perfect Yet

After nearly five years of waiting and numerous delays, some fans were a little disappointed that Polyphony released PS3’s racing star with moldy bits hanging off it, and some clumsy mistakes spoiling the interface. While most of the issues are fairly simple, it tarnishes the games reputation more easily.

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Doctorofreality2666d ago

I was wondering about the youtube features too.

Sucks about the head sensor though.

COme on it's december quick quick!

jammy_702666d ago

No it's not, I mean look at the graphics, cars are beautiful, the landscapes and buildings aren't that great, and the people (like after a licence challenge) are like ps2 graphics... But it's a good game...

zootang2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

I just want more tracks to conquer. Then for me, it is perfect!

Hideo_Kojima2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Slightly off-topic but I just noticed something.

Why does an engine upgrade for a $19,000 Civic cost as much as an upgrade for the $320,000 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640???

darthv722666d ago

there has to be something for GT6 to bring to the table.

In all honesty, everyone is entitled their individual opinion of the game. Some will find fault where others won't notice. It is a natural response to individuality. I can see it as the "perfect" evolution of racing simulators as compared to games past.

Just look back at some of those first sims on the PC and tell me those were "perfect" as well. Even for their time people knew there would eventually be better. Now is that time (until GT6 that is).

RageAgainstTheMShine2666d ago

Yamauchi already said GT5 is NOT a perfect game, at least in his own opinion, even if it is an awesome game that gamers will still be playing come next year.

So stop the nit picking and deal with it.

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MaximusPrime2666d ago

Lol @ "numerous delays"

Unless writer is from Japan then he failed. Japanese experienced just 2 delays. Thats 1 delay more than the whole world.

thor2666d ago

It's because retailers kept listing dates that turned out to be inaccurate. Also even insiders thought it would be out last christmas (internal release date). There have only been 2 official delays from official release dates, but there have been many more from expected release dates. When you reveal a game so many years before it's released, people are going to say it's been "delayed" even if you never gave a solid release date. And it does have some meaning since the game did take a very long time to come out.

INFECTED5032666d ago

Go buy a good racer like Need for Speed! And lets let GT die in peace!

CernaML2666d ago

People like you are the reason why this generation of gaming is the worst.

Krypto2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

More like GT over Forza!

Hideo_Kojima2666d ago

You reminded me...

Do you guys remember when Turn 10 when was bribing people with a free extra Forza car if they voted Forza 3 was a better game than GT5 before any of them even released?


Boody-Bandit2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Then go play Forza and stop trolling GT5 articles.

Myself, I have played and completed Forza 3 and I am one event away from hitting level 20 on GT5. Forza 3 does not even come close to the level of fun and diversity GT5 offers. Forza 3 is a fantastic game but it's a one trick pony. The pony that it provides was a really nice ride but I was bored 40% to 50% through the event list. GT5's campaign is so much more fun and not as stagnant as F3. I don't lose interest and feel like I am going through the motions just for the sake of completing the game.

GT5 has it all. All they need to do is add ten speeds and skateboards and it's a lock. *sarcasm mode disengaged* This game is more diverse and fun then any racing game I have played so far this generation, possibly ever. But I am a wheel fan and favor Sim style games to arcade games but I enjoy them all.

I am constantly trying to make time to go back and turn more laps. F3 (for me personally. in other words my opinion) never gave me this giddy level of excitement where I could not wait to play it again and again and again. Having me go to bed later than I should, waking up early to sneak in a few laps and putting off things I should be doing just to play the game. GT5 is ultimately going to end up getting me into trouble if I don't get a handle on my new addiction.

creeping judas2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

To be brutally honest, brutallyhonest, the main campaing mode of both Forza and GT are almost identical in nature. Buy a car, enter car in race, win race, win 3 more to complete the series, earn XP and new car for your garage. They are so indetical in that nature. Where GT does outshine, is the license tests, and the Special series races, and the different race types.

PS. That disagree is not from me.

Boody-Bandit2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Creeping Judas, that is like saying Smash Bros and Soul Caliber are the same because you fight. GT5 and Forza 3 couldn't be more different in how they are laid out if they were from different galaxies.

*note everything I am about to write is just my opinion and I'm not pretending it's factual*
GT5 is a lot better in design and structure. F3 is choose a path which can go in 3 different directions. Play some play in bi weekly championship races until the season is over. Rinse and repeat. Or you can peck away at the event list which is extremely tedious. F3 also requires a lot of back tracking back to the slowest cars in the game all the throughout the career mode. The only back tracking you have to do in GT5 is if you want to achieve Gold for every event.

I prefer the whole beginner to extreme layout and I especially love the B spec mode where you are in charge of the drivers and can build teams. GT5 is so much more diverse and fun to play. Most importantly. I like the tracks better in GT5. Both in choices and scale. Laguna Seca and Nurburgring are so much better on GT5. They are more colorful on Forza 3 but more realistic on GT5.

Don't get me wrong. I love Forza 3. I am a Forza fanatic. I paid $1k to have to wheels just to play Forza 3 on the 360 (bought a pair of (Fanatec 911 S W/CSP). F3 is a fantastic title and a top notch racer. It's definitely easier to jump in and play. But I definitely prefer GT5 over it. Maybe I am a prisoner of the moment or maybe I just love the diversity (Kart racing is a BLAST!) and depth GT5 has to offer.

My PSN and XBL GT is BoodyBandit for both.
If you guys wants to play either online hit me up!
Back to GT5.
BTW creeping judas I did disagree with you but only as a joke. I still love you man! ;)

InvaderZim2666d ago

@TheHip14: Sorry but you sir FAIL. I hate trolls. Ok back to GT5. So who exactly are these "fans" the article mentions? All the "true" fans of the GT series are blown away by GT5's pure epicness. And yes, that includes me :)

2 cents2666d ago

GT over forza! And i played all itterations of Forza. But then again i`ve played all itterations of GranTurismo as well.

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Lirky2666d ago

i had a feeling gt5 would sorta be a let down a tiny bit because its a driving-sim most simulator games are targeted towards realism from graphics to gameplay.

Imagine a free-roam third person simulator from rockstar where it was detailed where u had to bathed, find a job, pay bills etc.

Hideo_Kojima2666d ago

Die from one bullet.
Be wanted by the police for the rest of your life.
Go to prison for 30 years.

Yeah no game would ever be that realistic it would just get boring.

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