Kevin Butler's Greatest Moments

Kevin Butler, the man behind the wittiest PS3 commercials that can make even the biggest 360 fan give a smirk. GameZone takes a look at Kevin's greatest moments.

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TheSanchezDavid2755d ago

Kevin Butler's a pretty enjoyable character. I really like video game commercials. Now bring on the old-school cheesy style ads from the 1980s. =P

p_weezy4152755d ago

HAHAHA!! Kevin Butler RULES!! I love the commercial where he says the blonde mom smells like strawberries and starts smelling her hair in the next scene. Instant classic that had me laughing out of my seat.

Mr Marbles2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

I saw that one, Im not so sure why everyone likes this guy so much. KB comes off as kind of creepy to me, in the ad where he smells the chicks hair, that only made it worse. It doesn't help that I can't stand blondes.

I wonder what would people think of KB if he was part of a Microsoft ad campaign? Anybody here think for one second he would be as celebrated?

electricshadow2755d ago

I still think most people would enjoy Kevin Butler if he worked for Microsoft. The only people who wouldn't would be the fanboys. I'm a PS3 supporter, but if the commercial is really well done or funny, I'll enjoy it, regardless of the platform it's advertising for.

fishd2755d ago

" It doesn't help that I can't stand blondes."

You are the creepy one here,LEAVE KEVIN ALONE!!!

Bathyj2755d ago

Doesnt help that you cant stand Sony either huh?

Think you've let your bias creep in a little on this one?

PimpHandHappy2755d ago

not Marbles

he hates fun and blondes

MS idea of funny is a guy in a burger suit playing Kinect... Im sure MS has had some funny ads but for the most part they really dont...

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Simco8762755d ago

Never seen the one from Canada. That one is awesome.

KB is so much win.

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The story is too old to be commented.