Homefront Multiplayer Videos Popping Up - Dedicated 32 Player Consoles Oh My

Homefront is still a few months away from release, but that is not stopping a ton of information from the new games multiplayer from hitting the streets. In the videos below you will see developers talking about gameplay and features in Homefront, and you will also see in-game footage of online play.

Homefront is due out in March 2011 and will support 32 Player dedicated servers on consoles.

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xxxAnubisxxx2547d ago

Game looks like it could be pretty good. However, it was a smart move releasing it as far away from a Call of Duty release as possible... might stand a chance.

th3soldier2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Agreed. I just hope the online play has a bit more of a tactical approach rather than that "run-n-gun" CoD feel. They just need to balance it out enough without the game feeling either too slow or fast paced. I've had enough CoD type gaming for a while.

Archdemon2547d ago

The game looks exactly like MAG. But with Cod kill elements.

ThanatosDMC2547d ago

Yeah, they should up the player count. At least 64, so it's 32 v 32.

Pandamobile2547d ago


I'm sure if it were that easy, they would do it.

Increasing player count in a multiplayer game drastically affects the game's performance. Doubling the player count in a console game that is designed to run at 30 FPS isn't going to go well.

Jaces2547d ago

Wow, looks really fun. Finally I don't have to worry about going a match without dying for so long in order to get a killstreak.

You earn points that let you activate or rather buy your choice of weapons or heavy artillery. I like. :)

theonlylolking2547d ago

I want 64 or more players on consoles and PC's.

th3soldier2547d ago

I could see that being done on the PC, but not so sure about consoles. I definitely think it is possible though with dedicated servers being used, but personally I think 16 vs 16 is plenty of people.

soljah2547d ago

game is another mag but they are going to need alot more players then 16 vs 16 to make a large open map battle like mag

Eric Barrier2547d ago

Yeah look at MAG and look at Frontlines (made by Kaos, same developer for Homefront)they managed to get 50 people in one match for Frontlines on 360 back in 08. I am sure they would do 64 on consoles in 2011.

DoomeDx2547d ago

Cant you be happy of anything?

visualb2547d ago

not sure about consoles?

MAG - 256 players =| and it works fine!

th3soldier2547d ago

I say I'm not sure about consoles because many developers probably don't want to risk adding too many players and having their online portion run unsmoothly. Plus, I don't think I'll ever be playing with more than 15 of my friends at once.

In terms of MAG, yes, that game is amazing! I couldn't believe they actually pulled off 256 players at once. I just wish I had more friends to play it with, haha.

Convas2547d ago

Wooooweee. 32 Players with Dedicated Servers ON CONSOLES. Daaaaaamn.

mrv3212547d ago

Resistance Fall of Man, did 40.

xc7x2547d ago

err,PS2 did that with Socom games,Novalogic did it too with Black Hawk Down

visualb2547d ago

looks really good =) It feels weird watching a big match w vehicles without destructible environments, I guess BC2 spoilt me =(

still looks great =D

WithMyLastBreath2547d ago

Has potential and seems semi-unique. Just not sure how buying weapons and such on the fly will work out.

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The story is too old to be commented.