What’s Been Your Biggest Gaming Disappointment?

Life is full of disappointments – those times when things just don’t turn out as you expect. Sometimes it’s something big; a loved one letting you down, a business deal falling through, your offspring wants to pursue a career in performance art, your genitals haven’t gotten any bigger since you turned 7 (Just me?). More regular though are the more inconsequential disappointments; the pickles are missing from your drive-through cheeseburger, some idiot’s made the coffee too weak, the new album from your favourite band is a musical mess, Heroes Season 2.

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Godmars2902784d ago

Certainly as far as HD gaming is concerned. That they (Wada) threw support behind the 360 over the PS3 and have since failed to deliver any good titles.

THE BIAS2784d ago

It's not 360's fault square enix games suck recently. It's a bit ridiculous how little they've supported ps3 this gen though. Square enix have just plain sucked since they became square enix. Quality isn't at the top of their agenda anymore. Money is.

Troll_Police2784d ago

Square Enix has been held back by the Xbox this gen. Bottom line. How else can you explain such a great dev all of a sudden cranking out mediocre games. The same goes for Rare.

Hiruma Youchi2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

So the Xbox is the reason why Final fantasy X-2 & 12 on PS2 sucked? It's Xbox360's fault that final Fantasy 14 on PC (soon to be released on PS3) is one of the worse games to have seen the light this year? Or maybe the Xbox is the reason why Square enix doesnt focus on Quality since they're more interested in releasing a hundred final fantasy games on PSP and NDS per year with no real originality just maximize their Profits ? Or maybe it's Microsoft fault that the PS3 got released after it which explain why Star OCean IV came out on xbox 1st and then later ported on PS3 ?

It's also microsoft's fault Aids is killing people in africa. It's also microsoft fault's Obama got elected as American president in 08. It's also Bill gates fault Bush sent america to war.

Godmars2902784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Agreed. As a PS3-only owner I could easily forgive Square for supporting the 360 if it had actually amounted to something. Instead its only resulted in crap and tarnished FFXIII. Which, considering all that's coming out about poor management, would still be the disappointment that it is.

So I'm putting Square's issues with HD consoles solely on Square and people think I'm only 360 basing.


D4RkNIKON2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Lack of FF7 remake is my biggest disappointment..

That and LBP2 being pushed back to January. Ruined Christmas for me, I suppose I will get over it and all will be forgotten come January!

Hiruma Youchi2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

what games square released on the xbox360 the neglicted ps3 gamers?

star ocean IV came on 360 1st because it was being developed for it at the time Ps3 wasnt even out then later got ported with bonus content.

Nier came out on both aswell.

FF13 aswell

that leaves Last remnant which is also available on PC. Why no Ps3 port you ask? where's FF14 on xbox360? I feel neglected aswell. You see where I'm going with this?

the only Square exclusive on xbox is Infinite Undiscovere and that's a deal between MS and S-E.

sony puts the money up and you'll receive some SE exclusives.

Vagabond10882784d ago

I don't see how 360's graphical capabilities result in PS3 games being crap. Sure, they may not be as pretty, but great graphics do not equal great games.

nix2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

GTAIV!!!!!!!!!! that was easy. The most boring game n it taught me a lesson - never trust the reviewers.

aaaaaaaaaaand stupid biased reviewers. i hope they're sent to hell after death n made to play the game they overrated million times until all their limbs fall apart.

Godmars2902784d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

You're missing the point. Its not that Square is supporting one system over the other, its that they've failed to deliver *anything* of any significance on either. That If they are doing anything of note, that note is "meh" where Star Ocean was bad, Neir forgettable and Last Remnant a bug riddled mess that also got mediocre reviews. That's why the PS3 version was canceled.

They've done good games on the PSP and DS this generation, but when it comes to either the PS3 or 360 they fail. With Wada's co*k blocking in favor of the 360 not helping things.

If the man had such strong belief in the 360, if there was enough talent still at S/E, there'd be a 360-only FF spin off like there has been for Nintendo systems after the N64. Instead one PS3-only project went multi mid production and the man's openly begged to put FFXVI on the 360 despite it being MS policies that are keeping the game off their own console.

Square's problems are Square's problems. We as fans - some of us former - are suffering for it. If they put effort into making actual games rather than making money, they'll make money. vsXIII will sell more than FFXIII on two system, which is about as well as FFXII sold on the PS2 alone as the lowest selling FF title.

@Vagabond1088: "I don't see how 360's graphical capabilities result in PS3 games being crap."

Square has yet to do a PS3-only title this gen. Nevermind the fervor that happened when before and after the multi announcement pics of FFXIII were floating around showing reduced textures. The "accidental" mix up with ad photos that happened multiple times.

xboxlj2783d ago

That is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard. How old are you?

NecrumSlavery2783d ago

My Biggest Disappointment in gaming were:

1. When Oddworld shutdown after going Xbox exclusive. I lost a lot of respect after the franchise deminished. The PSOne classis are still my all-time favorite games. But they are back in business with Stranger coming to PS3 in an exclusive console HD remake. Hopefully Munch gets that love too. And other titles that are being worked on! I prayer for more 2D side scrollers like the classics. Greatest games ever made.

2. When Peter Molyneux canceled B.C. I was looking to that way more than Fable, and although Fable is good, I think B.C. would of been so much better. I really hope someone would run with that idea this gen. Come on Lionhead. Hold off on Fable IV and make B.C. please.

Perjoss2783d ago

not what i was expecting at all, especially after the really good NFS: Most Wanted.

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Marcello2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Whoa where do i begin..

No Shenmue 3 is the biggest disapointment for me.
No more Squaresoft & No FF7 remake.
Very poor Resident Evil 4 PC port & RE5 was crap
No more good Burnout games since Revenge.
This entire gen`s fanboy war has been despicable.
No Black 2

I could go on but i will it there for now.

WobblyOnion2784d ago

Totally agreed on the Shenmue thing. :(

Unknow_Master2783d ago

biggest gaming disapointement:
-this gen
-overhype the shit out of games
-harcore and casual has lost all meaning
-review are b/s
-square enix
-devil may cry
- gray tone hd mother fucking shooter
-gray tone hd mother fucking game
-sanbox in hd
-no new ip everything has to be a sequel of a sequel of a milking(already uncharted 3, killzone 3,too human2 kayne and lynch 2 mario galaxy 2? in one generation(in less than 4 years)

P_Bomb2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

I disagree about the no new IP thing. In the past 12-14 months alone we've seen:

ModNation Racers
Heavy Rain
Demon's Souls
White Knight Chronicles
3D Dot Game Heroes
Alan Wake
Metro 2033

Tons more new IPs launched this gen' before that, from LittleBigPlanet and Mass Effect to Dead Space and Dead Rising. I think we're good in that dept. ;)

tacosRcool2783d ago

You forgot Halo as sequel of a sequel of a milking and Activision as no one should forget the total disappointment they are

I really hate all this DLC stuff. Charging ridiculous amounts of money for little content. Shame on the developers.

Orionsangel2784d ago

Why because they don't give amazingly glowing reviews to the games you love? Waah!

johnnywit2784d ago

Dungeon Lords. That Game looked good at E-3 and I was so stoked for it. I ran out and purchased it before the reviews and that was a huge mistake. Also, Two worlds was another game that was very disappointing. I read reviews and even though they said it was bad I saw it at gamestop for 9.99. I thought it can't be this bad for that price but I was wrong. It was indeed that bad and then some.

Christopher2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

The community and gaming journalists. People who just want to bash things for no reason other than to support some Executives money-lined pockets and the journalists who thrive on flame-ridden articles for hits (ad-revenue).

Simco8762784d ago

Could care less about a FFVII remake. Just make a new Final Fantasy that is nothing like the horrible XIII.

Worst Final Fantasy ever. I was waiting for years for that game too.