PlayStation Move vs. Kinect: Who Will Win the Holiday Crown?

Just when you thought the showdown to be this holiday season's hottest tech gadget was going to be Microsoft's Kinect vs. Apple's iPad, Sony announces strong sales for its PlayStation Move motion controller.

Both devices appear to be popular, but which motion controller will be the "it" gamer toy to have this holiday season? Here are a few things to consider.

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MaximusPrime2788d ago

Agreed for PS MOVE or click disagree for KINECT.

(worldwide sales not N America)

Zydake2788d ago

As much as i would love for Sony to take it home. I believe the the winner will be from left field and will again be nintendo.

-Alpha2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Well I'm getting a DS for my RPG hunger this Christmas. Tired of waiting on consoles to deliver good RPGs and I crave the simple, charming RPGs that you find in older games/handhelds.

With the massive advertising I have to say Kinect will sell more.


Win the Motion Warz!11!! Where have you been?

Actually both are winners when you consider how much profit they are making. And they are both selling surprisingly well. Question is if support will be strong.

deadreckoning6662788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

"PlayStation Move vs. Kinect: Who Will Win the Holiday Crown?"

Win what?

@Alpha-Male22- Motion wars? To have a war, don't you need two competitors? Last time, I checked..Move and Kinect aren't competing against each other. Their for different audiences.

And 90% of gamers will get the motion controller that corresponds to their console. A 360 only owner won't spend $400+ just to play Move and a PS3 only owner won't spend $400+ just to play Kinect.

Multiconsole owners will likely buy both since they tend to spend a lot of money on gaming and tend to NOT have any console bias.

lastdual2788d ago

Nintendo is actually very likely to keep the crown, considering how big a role price will play in the current economy.

But anyways, for some reason this headline reminds me of that trailer for Aliens vs Predator...

"Whoever wins, we lose!"

darthv722788d ago

I'll give you an agree on that. I am a multiconsole owner and have not (yet) made my purchase of both units.

Both may be different however both ARE going after the SAME audience. Be that a casual or core player they are all still considered gamers. Consumers if you will and consumers $$$ is what they feed on.

Long time ago it was said the Wii was not in competition but that was just a statement of denial. They all compete for the same prize. How they get to it is irrelevant.

Game-ur2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )


Go straight for Devil Survivor, not just a great JRPG, but an all time great RPG.
Also recommend the Ace Attorney series. Not an RPG but great anyway.

And I don’t know what you played, but on consoles you should check out what you missed:

Tales of Vespariea, Lost Odyssey on the 360.
Folklore, Valkureya Chronicles, Yakuza 3 on PS3

Their many RPGs but I'm only listing the 9+ games.

ComboBreaker2787d ago

It is I!!! ...who is going to WIN.

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Hiruma Youchi2788d ago

Kinect already won the holiday season.

InvaderZim2788d ago

The holiday season still hasn't ended dude...

Unknow_Master2788d ago

i say move cause they never say how many move sold just how many move they sent.
and yeah just exclude the wii its already won!

Unknow_Master2788d ago

yeah but some one could buy 4 move for 4 people but the same person could buy one kinect for 4 people so comparing sale is just illogical!

OGharryjoysticks2788d ago

Hats off to Microsoft. They finally made something bigger and dumber looking than the power brick =)

Active Reload2788d ago

But the hairclipper with the colorful bulbs at the end looks great? Ok.

MajestieBeast2788d ago

Nope but atleast it works and responds 100% and doesnt only do on rails games.

Microsofts slogan should be.
It only does on rails.

Active Reload2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Stick to Dirtyhairy's comment Majesty! Its all about the looks!

Edit:I don't know how accurate either one of them are. Nor do I deep throat whatever anyone else tells me. So I'm skeptical about your "100%". I assume you have a Kinect...or Move? Or I guess you were defending your boyfriend?

MajestieBeast2788d ago

Yeah cause on the other flaws like actual functionality you cant win the arguement.

Unknow_Master2788d ago

i have to disagree with you, its a dildo with a colorful ball. we fanboy like to wave it on our face or any part of our body. so respect our preference

Patrick2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

It appears to me, all that can be said bad about the Move is the shape and the way it looks.
And all that can be said bad about kinect is the games and the way it works or doesnt. So.. which one do you think matters more to gamers? he he.. make fun of the shape allll you want, cause you've got nothing on its precision and accuracy. Give me Move over kinect, anyday.. besides, if I turn my Move controller off, I have a kinect device called the PSeye, and I didnt even get screwed on the cost.

On topic, Kinect will sell more than Move at first, but over time the benefits of Move and the range of casual and Core games from all across the genres, will see it selling more.

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ksense2788d ago

well kinect is going to win in the US. I mean all the marketing and money spent by microsoft will make sure it is the winner.

I personally will be picking up Move soon as it seems to give me another option to play my games and try it out and not have to buy games made just for Move as most of their games come with the option to play with your dualshock. A new way of replaying a game that you beat and maybe trophy support for it? that would be awesome

THC CELL2788d ago

move all ready won by 2 million sales

Kurisu2788d ago

Move has had a head start, remember. Whoever disagrees with my comment is just stupid, I own two Move controllers myself. I don't own Kinect, as I am a PS3 only owner. But it's easy to see that Kinect is much more popular than Move, it's getting a lot more attention. If it released before Move I think Move would struggle to keep up.

cereal_killa2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Kinect is more popular how so? because the fanboys say so? because Oprah/Ellen says so? This whole crap about "Head start" ,Sales blah blah blah quality, Games and reliability is where it's all at who cares what sell the most brainwashed Muppet's buy anything to support there system no matter how bad it is Quality, Games and reliability hands down go to Move. Move is popular everywhere just like the PS3 and Kinect only seem to be popular where the 360 is USA and UK just because you have the media/ fanboy blog journalist wannabe making 500000000000000 threads about kinect doesn't mean its more popular

Hiruma Youchi2788d ago

We're talking holiday Sales. Move got released in September.

-Alpha2788d ago

I thought we don't count the headstart? Or has that rule changed?

Gamefan122788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )


ct032788d ago

We don't need to count the headstart. By year's end Kinect will have passed Move.

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