Europa Universalis III: Divine Wind Exclusive Q&A

GameZone was able to snag an exclusive Q&A with Johan Andersson, producer of Europa Universalis III: Divine Wind, talking about the newest expansion.

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cnagel472790d ago

never heard of this game, but looks and sounds pretty interesting

Kingmitch232790d ago

Love Europa and Love Paradox

I think this says it all

" the main reason was that we asked our fans which game they would like to see an expansion for and EU3 won"

p_weezy4152790d ago

Its a good interview, but this game isn`t really my cup of tea. Then again, one of my friend`s is a huge stategy game fan. I think I would get his for him.

athmaus2790d ago

good interview, but i dont really like htis game series

troll2790d ago

Paradox games are certainly unique but I agree that their titles are not to everyones taste. Still, they deserve respect for being the good guys (and their awesome games of course). Paradox is a fresh wind in a somewhat stale market.

Kingmitch232790d ago

completely agree

nothing wrong if you (not u specifically) don't like them but as a company their admirable in many ways.

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