Opinion: Did Hot Pursuit's Autolog Just Save the Racing Genre?

As auto racing games try to one-up one another with better graphics and bigger thrills, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit's new Facebook-lite Autolog feature points to the genre's real future -- one based on real competition, says Gamasutra senior news editor Kris Graft.

The racing genre has been in a weird place for the past several years. It's a category that is easily comprehensible by a mainstream audience and relatable to a wide demographic, but with all the technological advances in the past dozen years like powerful hardware, fancy physics engines and photo-realistic graphics, the genre has been speeding along like a car on cruise control with no driver.

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jha12232605d ago

I guess it depends on who you are if it "saved" it. I like the idea of the competitiveness of autolog. Some people get quite turned off by it. Maybe they are just bad :)