BBC To Investigate 'Addictive Games'

NowGamer: BBC investigative show Panorama will turn its attention to the video game industry next week, with an episode titled "addicted to games?" But will it offer a balanced view of gaming?

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The Meerkat2733d ago

In the UK
Heroin Addicts can get given methadone.
Alcoholics can get given booze.

Does that mean i'll be given some low scoring games?
Maybe even a second hand copy of Too Human or Lair?

Danteh2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

World of Warcraft should be banned or at least treated like alcohol or tobbaco, with its corresponding restrictions

I've seen quite a few lifes destroyed by WoW, and I barely got out, when The Burning Crusade came out

fossilfern2733d ago

Its NOT the games fault its these people who get attached to it and its up to them if they want to stop or not, I played MGO for like 12 hours strait for months then I decided to cut down. simple as

skyward2733d ago

Extreme MMO players watch out...

fastrez2733d ago

This is absolute nonsense. It's just another chance for lazy armchair pundits to be duped by a bunch of knee-jerk reactions, hyperbole and bias, so that they will actually believe that games are bad for their kids.

There's no way this will be an unbiased programme, it'll likely feature a bunch of uninitiated 'experts' who have barely played a game in their life.

acky12733d ago

I don't know, the BBC is not so biased.

They usually show both sides of the argument. I reckon they'll come to the conclusion that 'it depends'...

jony_dols2733d ago

BBC & Channel 4 are world renowned for presenting the best & fairest angle on the subjects shown in their documentaries.

They ain't exactly like Fox, who love turning the stupid & ignorant into scaremongering, prejudiced bigots.

TimmyShire2733d ago

I'm likely to get annoyed watching this. Idiots who don't know what they're talking about seem to love making wild accusations about what gaming DOES, but are so ill-informed that anything they say is nonsense.

And those who watch it will believe their media-spin.

Already getting annoyed...

Feckles2733d ago

Also: GTA trains CHILDREN to MURDER innocent people. And kittens.

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The story is too old to be commented.