Kinect still suffering slow start in Japan

CVG: Despite its slow start however, the motion cam managed to triple Xbox 360 hardware sales at launch - it just seems like nobody's buying any games.

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seij5552643d ago

Nice spin, it went from 2k to 6k.

labaronx2643d ago

a sales increase is still a sales increase. it sold 4000 more units than normal so thats higher numbers, it was however overshadowed by the arrival of GT5

darthv722643d ago

"They are waiting for the right game to come out then they will buy."

Not just limited to Japan as that excuse has been seen used in Europe from time to time and the US as well. It was used for the PS3 at launch and the 360 and Wii and pretty much...every other console made.

It never gets tiring to hear.

King_of _the_Casuals2643d ago

It's obvious why it's failing......IT'S AN ADD ON to a system that hasn't sold in Japan.

Why would people expect for it to sell if nobody in Japan owns a 360 in the first place. Then add to it the space needed to play, which in Japan is very hard to come by due to the small homes.

No, the MOVE is better suited for the Japanese market due to Sony being a Japanese brand, there are WAY more PS3's in the market and the space requirements.

Ju2643d ago

"it was however overshadowed by the arrival of GT5"

LOL. It was overshadowed by pretty much everything else. It didn't even create a dent for its competition. Not even a small one. It beat the PS2 and the PSPGo, that much is true.

firefoxprime2643d ago

Uhh...we're we supposed to be surprised by this?

Killed4Less2643d ago

Yup. It's the 360's weak market so it's the best for a hit piece.

As if Japan has meant anything to the 360 or Xbox brand at all. I think we can say without a doubt NO THANKS to Japan when it comes to Xbox success or support. MS has paid well to get Japan dev support and that has worked out to be a total bust beyond a few flashy headlines.

If Japan never touched a 360 again and if the company completely pulled out I would not miss them and the platform would not even notice.

ComboBreaker2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Afterall, we all heard it was suppose to take the world (which includes Japan) by storm.

Spider0502643d ago

Japan = Sony and Nintendo land
There is no room for Microsoft here(America)

Godmars2902643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

Thought it went from 2K to 7K at Kinect launch to a little over 4K a week later.

Considering that at its best in Japan the 360 was doing 20k, this is hardly reason for celebration.

Bnet3432643d ago

If they want Kinect to succeed in Japan, just make a game called "My Virtual Girlfriend" or something of that nature. They'll bite.

thewhoopimen2643d ago

@king of casuals:

Actually i believe the real reason is "space issue". If you've ever been to Tokyo or any major city in Japan, the living rooms are about 1/3 the size of the average american households. I can literally touch the opposite walls of my bedroom in Tokyo in an apartment... and the hallways are even smaller.

tacosRcool2642d ago

No one wants it over there so I don't see why Mircosoft is trying to push it so hard. They had to pay people to go out there and line up and "buy" Kinect. People there just don't care. Them peoples over there gots androids for crying out loud!

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TheLig322643d ago

develop a rape simulator for it, and then those weirdos will buy it.

mrv3212643d ago

You're an idiot, I'm not just saying that in the sudo-serious internet way, I'm saying it in the... you really are stupid.

Japan while it does have rape simulators, many of whom barely sell the 10,000 if that. Most of the games are sex simulators. And how do you think Japan looks at our borderline sexual fantasies with death? Biggest selling western game is one where you shoot people of mostly foreign nationality, waving the big beautiful American flag in their technolgically inferior faces.

But hey, let's attack what we ASSUME to be the cause AND NOT THE PROBLEM.

Rape simulator and Japans rather more openness to sex didn't create a higher rate of rape, in fact America has a higher percentage of rape than Japan, and STD's AND Murders.... so while's Japan openness to perversion is to us very disturbing you must ask yourself... how much do you really know?

You could see their sexual desires as that of a forgotten Childhood, caused by too much eduction, while what can we derive from America and Western murder simulators fantasies with? Hatred for our fellow human beings.

Also, sex is not some god damn taboo... it's Natural, it is one of the greatest conditioners, murder especially one with little reason is not, and murder IS NOT A conditioner... so who is the wierder?

Japan and it's openness toward primary and very natural conditioner
America and it's closed mind towards sexuality, but legality of fire arms... and it's ignorance towards anything Nature create some wierd hideous culture around sex.

darx2643d ago

The same Japanese who slaughter dolphins and whales for supposed scientific research.

mrv3212643d ago

Yeah and factory farming is Brilliant isn't it?

I'm not saying Japan are perfect, no country is, BUT to attack Japan and call them weird based on little if any facts is simply wrong/

Redgehammer2642d ago

I am a 40 year old American, and I prefer to kill aliens, but only after they have proved themselves to be hostile. America is a big beautiful melting pot of nationalities, and irrespective of the sales of so-called murder Sims, we can't be generalized into hate-mongering sexual cretins. Well thought out, and a pleasure to read.
Please have a bubble.

captainjy2643d ago

Well while Japan is suffering, the rest of the world is having a blast with Kinect!

D4RkNIKON2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

lol at referring to "missing out on Kinect" as "Suffering"

I must be suffering to

Dante1122643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

@ captain You can say that again. *rimshot*

ksense2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

Somehow I don't see myself doing this.....

It just reminds me of Kevin Butler in that infamous ad waving his hands lol

VenGencE9992643d ago

lol, if by the rest of the world you must mean the sheep following media lead USA? Only in the US can a company produce a faulty product, advertise the shit out of it and have it sell like hotcakes.

US enemies are slower than I thought, if they really wanted to damage us they would simply take control of our media. Why bother with bombs that only affect thousands when you can control the media that affects millions?
gotta love blind sheep...

Ju2643d ago

I guess because it's already taken, huh ?

rjdofu2643d ago

Actually, I quite enjoy the suffering you said.

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Counter Strike2643d ago

i wonder why they buy so much Wiis.

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