Eurogamer Interview: NFS Shift 2: We won't add 1000 irrelevant cars

Eurogamer: "And all of a sudden the simulation racing genre is pretty competitive. Turn 10's Forza Motorsport 3 was released last year, Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 5 launched last week, and next spring will see the game EA hopes will trump them both: Slightly Mad Studios' Shift 2: Unleashed.

But EA's ambitious expectation for the game is not headline-grabbing bravado. It's a desire born out of a frustration at Shift's "stamp collecting" rivals. Here, talking to Eurogamer, lead designer Andy Tudor reveals how Shift 2 will attempt to beat them all."

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blackburn52732d ago

Wow. EA is really riding GT5's @$$ these days. This is about the forth or fifth time they have referenced their game to GT5 in a negative way. Talk about looking for attention

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DirtyLary2732d ago

Sounds like DICE and Infinity Ward before the release of BC2.

We all know how that panned out.

el zorro2731d ago

What? One of the best shooters this generation? Oh, how horrible.

vsr2731d ago

They won't make good sales.

Limited sales like forza, PGR and limited to US , UK only


Yes i agree they would not add 1000 irrelevant cars but they can not also add the graphics and content that GT5 has.

iPad2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Aaaaah. The smell of jealousy.

Ever since GT5's release, people are trying so hard to bash it.


knowledge4lfe2731d ago

i know. you can smell that stench from a mile away. too bad the cars in GT5 are relevant. they have all different kind of races for different years and models and country. but when a company is butt hurt they sure as heck won't mention that. bubbles to you my friend

Chuk_Chuk2732d ago

Well you have no eexcuse if your cars don't look better than the standard cars now do they.

UnbiasedTroll2732d ago

Hmmm to those bashing the new shift game its not even out yet....

Shift 1 - 84% Metacritic

GT5 - 85% Metacritc ( More lower soon )

Shift 2 can improve on its flaws and be a much better game.

iPad2732d ago

Even if those GT5 "reviews" are done buy "professionals", it is safe to say that GT5 is the only AA game that's gonna sells 10m+

So either way, is a win win situation for GT5 and PD!

BrianG2732d ago

Review scores aren't everything. GT5 is being reviewed harshly because it was hyped up by alot of people.

Shift 2 won't receive that same hype, therefore should be graded more loosely. Also it appears some reviewers just don't like simulators. Look what they all gave The Fight, and simulator, half of them probably didn't even know.

sleepy32731d ago


kinda like how mario kart wii has a much lower score than GT5 and did over 20 million.

With racing games the lower the score the more the sales it seems.

el zorro2731d ago

PS3 fanboys are so dishonest. Meta scores matter when games like Uncharted 2 rank super high, but when one of their other precious games score lower -like MAG and GT5- then they act like review scores don't matter and they can just claim those games are better than other games anyway. What a load of crap.

I guess from now on I'll just completely ignore review scores too and I'll just say that Fable 3 is better than any PS3 game, because....because...because I said so.

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If u agree that GT5 is a game that is hated on giv me bubbles and press agree. :D

downwardspiral2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

i see that they are still trying to justify for the lack of cars they're going to have in shift2

jriquelme_paraguay2732d ago

The industry of games are full of Troll PR.

lack of respect... wtf

acere2731d ago

remember dvd cant hold 1000 cars

phatak2731d ago

yea its caz u guys r gonna same them for shift 3, then shift 4

Knushwood Butt2731d ago

I do hope they add 10 cars with pogo stick suspension, 4WD that doesn't work, all engines sounding totally unrealistic and practically the same.

I could go on, but there's really no need.

Mmmkay2731d ago

that's exclusive to that other console.

Vherostar2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

NFS been bad for years now anyways there practically all the same with a new coat of paint and have been for years. Typical EA way of releasing games these days. Plus every year too don't help.
Here's an example of what I mean.. A leaked video of NFS Shift 2.. Looks the same as the latest game

frostypants2731d ago

I think Shift 2 is doomed. Why? It sounds like they're trying to be everything to everyone, which 99% of the time results in pleasing nobody.

GT5 is unapologetic in what it is: a hardcore simulation. Hot Pursuit is unapologetically an arcade racer.

This guy sounds like they're trying to make it so that people can make it however they want. I just don't see it working. It will either feel like an arcade racer trying to hard too be a sim, or the opposite.

GRID did a great job riding the sim-arcade line, but it DICTATED knew what it wanted to be.

They need to pick a creative angle and stick with it. This is game has all the telltale signs of being a flop.

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fr0sty2732d ago

You also won't sell tens of millions of copies of your game.

raztad2732d ago

LOL so true.

@DK286 bellow.

Shift 2 will be 30fps with lots of motion blur.

angelrebirth2732d ago

LOL. They need to change the name "NEED FOR BLUR"

ct032732d ago

Shift 2 won't be 30fps from where I play it. Nuff said.

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tony67672732d ago

all shift dev can say is talking about other games why dont they stfu and work to do a better game

free2game3652732d ago

The dev of Shift 2 made GTR2, they people making all of these weird claims aren't the actual developers, just producers from EA.

Arup022732d ago

lol EA is on a killing spree.

Hideo_Kojima2732d ago

Yeah they are killing the respect the fans have for their franchise one game at a time...