10 Games That Science Hates

360 Magazine: They laugh at science. So science gallops upstairs to its room in floods of tears, flailing its arms from side to side like an eight year old girl.

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Red_Orange_Juice2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

I don't see any scientist in the article saying he hates those games, I also doubt Mr DanHowdle is a scientist.

Why using word hate?

meetajhu2452d ago

Innovative article. But where is Crysis? Nanosuit FTW

AwakenTheTaco2452d ago

@jimmins i wanna click agree on your status because i agree science hates me too. not saying i hate you though. just fyi

Arup022452d ago

Who cares about science? lol

T9X692452d ago

Who cares about Scientist?

bananlol2452d ago

You do, otherwise you wouldnt be here silly. What are video games the result of? Why sience offcourse!

Government Cheese2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

Science is the knowledge/study of the laws of nature, not the Universe itself. Hes here because of the laws of nature, not the studying of the laws of nature.

bananlol2451d ago

Hes here because sience invented the internet/game consoles/computers. And even by your interpretation of my comment probability dictates that if antibiotics werent discovered a lot of us wouldnt be here.

Biglet2452d ago

What did science ever do for us anyway?

Shok2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

It created video games.........xD

bananlol2452d ago

What didnt sience do would be a much shorter list.

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The story is too old to be commented.