What Game Companies Do You Trust To Build The Perfect Game?

Imagine you are given the power to bring any gaming forces together for the one ultimate game. What would that look like? Who do you trust to get the job done?

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xxxAnubisxxx2456d ago

I trust that you have no idea what you're talking about.

LordMarius2456d ago

Naughty Dog, since they already made it

nickjkl2456d ago

naughty dog
polyphony digital
and the people who made the mmo vindictus

and give them 10 years and 1 trillion dollars to work on hardware not yet created for next next gen consoles

the game would be brilliant

jashmister2456d ago

Yeah Crash Bandicoot was a perfect game wasn't it? :3

tacosRcool2455d ago


The only company that has NEVER let me down

Dac2u2455d ago

That is spot on, nice find.

Pandamobile2456d ago

To make the perfect FPS game?

Have Valve spearhead the project.
Using Crytek's engine technology.
With DICE's destruction and sound

A man can dream, can't he?

dericb112456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Sadly they are going to be limited to the current tech and curtain resources so it really would not matter unless they get a billion dollar budget and we all get something able to run it.

xxxAnubisxxx2456d ago

I'd pay extra money for a "Dream Team" developed and supported game, for sure.

Ducky2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Maybe have ID build the engine?
I don't have a supercomputer =x

I'd let DICE do the sound.
Whoever it is that made Red Faction Guerilla can do the destruction.

Let Yamauchi be the quality control guy. Bruhurhurhur.
Valve + Yamauchi, the delays will be eye watering.

Though, destructions are part of physics.. which are handled by the engine.
Am I the only one who thinks that the end product won't be that great? x.x

Spydiggity2456d ago

Definitely Valve. but they already did it with Half Life 2.

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kornbeaner2456d ago

I would resurrect the now dead for almost 10 years Starcraft ghost project. I would get blizzard to team up with Naughty Dog to make it happen. ND would take care of all the gameplay aspects and blizzard would handle the mythology behind starcraft for the story. I think that game would be EPIC!!

xxxAnubisxxx2456d ago

THAT would be something special, for sure

Dnied2456d ago

whoa, not a bad idea my friend :D

Spydiggity2456d ago

I wouldn't want ND to taint anything created by Blizzard.

you're talking about a company who's game nobody played online after the first week vs a company who's games have a few million players every week for years and years.

iamnotmarvin2455d ago

I wouldn't want there to be multiplayer (at least competitive) in it. I would love to see an ultralisk from a first person perspective that's about 50 times your size.

Spydiggity2455d ago

point i was making is that you've got one of the greatest companies in gaming of all time, and some fanboys are saying an incredibly average company should be designing games for them. it's ridiculous.

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saumer2456d ago

Their is no perfect game. Their will always be a glitch somewhere. Someone will always be looking for different experience.

yarbie10002456d ago

Your probably right, but there are some developers that for sure have a ton more glitches and problems than others. Bungie I can usually count on not having many issues. If there are some they are fixed withing a few days..not weeks or months