LEAKED: Possible COD4 PC Screenshots

5 new screenshots have emerged on the Infinity Ward forums. The menu interface in these supposed PC screenshots is almost exactly like its console counterpart except there is one more notable feature that cannot be found in the console version -- there is a "Mods" button right under options in screenshot #2.

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Lord Anubis3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

Mods, ah, hope they are allowed for the PS3 version.

rev203909d ago

Yeh thats what im hoping for as they did say in an interview that the ps3 and pc versions would get something extra/different

Bolts3909d ago

Because of mods. Its time to built that nextgen PC for Crysis anyways, now if only Nvidia would officially announce their ubah nextgen chipset the G92 then I'll be all set.

If this keep up the only thing I'll be using my PS3 for is for watching Blu-ray movies and playing Madden 08. That is until KZ2 come out, but I'm guessing after Crysis I won't even care.


after crysis you wont care about killzone 2, LOL, man those graphics on crysis are just your choice graphics, killzone 2 is the only next gen, on the only next gen,"PS3" not pc, but ps3 supercomputer entertainment system, not a console son

hgdaniel3909d ago

gameplay.. sure graphics are gonna be nice but its never gonna compete with crysis/kz2