Analysis of Gran Turismo 5 release date sells in Japan

As of right now, thanks to Media Create Sales weekly report, it can now be confirmed that Gran Turismo 5 sold in 3 days an average of 143,000 copies a day.

But when you compared the sales numbers with the release of previous Gran Turismo you can see a declined in the sales, but this has an explenation.

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Cevapi882732d ago

look at Gt3 and there is your answer...smaller install base means it will take more time for the sales to increase, but thats not a problem with the GT series...people to this day still enjoy gt2 gt3 and which ever one they prefer

ryuzu2732d ago

This article points out that GT4 was tracked for 6 days while GT5 has only been tracked for 4, so the numbers for GT4 v GT5 are perhaps closer than one might expect.

Either way, these are big sales - particularly for a title with a non-fashionable game type (Sim vs FPS).

Sony is having a big year with the playstation brand.


vsr2732d ago

Agreed. This is GT.

Not a poor quality racer like others.

Raendom2732d ago

"Release date sells", "you can see a declined in the sales"?

Who approved this sh*t?

raptorjacob2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

I'm pretty sure the poor grammer is due to the translation.

seinfan2732d ago

I would think it's obvious to see that it was a translation, considering the url under the link says " t;. Perhaps he clicked on it while he had his eyes closed?

Pennywise2732d ago

Hmmm. I thought it was only idiots that don't know the difference between sales and sells. I guess we can throw this translator program in that same, stupid boat.

maxcer2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

i always see this on n4g, mostly in the comment section. sells and sales get mixed up and i have no clue how it happens.

edit:its not the translation, i have seen countless posts with "sells". just ignorance i guess

ajcastillo2732d ago

Sorry for the mixed up, i am really sorry, dont know what happen between Sales and Sells, if a could edit the tittle i would, but now i cant, sorry, next time i promise to check my grammar.

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offdawall2732d ago

excellent sales .. will also spark a huge ps3 sales boost

Masterchef20072732d ago

pretty good sales. But what matter is that the game is great and many people are enjoying it. Soon more people will enjoy GT5 than Forza 3. I just wished that more people support Forza 3 would be good for turn 10 to have a bigger budget for the next game. Cause imagine forza 4 with over a 1000 extremely detailed cars plus add 15 more tracks to the list. That is what i am expecting from Forza 4

SpitFireAce852732d ago

Even though GT5 got back lashed by some of the media
its still showing what the GT franchise is all about..
GT5 FTW...