Tommy Tallarico Discusses His Career, Video Game Music, Video Games Live

Tommy Tallarico, the rock star behind the globally successful Video Games Live concerts talks about his craft, his favorite games and composers, the future of his show and a whole lot more.

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Cajun Chicken2639d ago

Guy's a legend. Best work by far the MDK soundtrack. Before it's time. NOBODY has blockbuster soundtracks in games like MDK had.

Closely followed by Wild 9, then EWJ 1&2.

NecrumSlavery2639d ago

Oh Tommy, I miss him and Victor Lucas on G4. Remember G4 when it was an awesome game channel an not full of 360 fantards like Abbie Heppe and episodes of COPS, Cheaters, & other gay shows that have nothing to do with G4.

G4 has only two shows AOTS and Xplay, both are TechTV shows. Makes me vomit in my mouth.

DragonKnight2639d ago

Tommy was by far my favorite reviewer when he was on Reviews on the Run (known as Judgment Day in the U.S.) and I remember a lot of the 0's he gave to horrible games, the rare instances where he and Victor agreed on a perfect 10 or an absolute zero. I remember how he talked about the downfall of quality on G4TV, his love of TRON!!

When I was on years ago, I was a friend of his on the site. The guy is a hero of mine. Started from nothing and became a legend in the industry for his music and, for me, his reviews.

I loved his High Heat Baseball 2003 review. Watch this...