Cheat Happens: Gran Turismo 5 Review

Gran Turismo 5 is a lot of things. It's about cars, about speed and about craftsmanship, but above all else, it's about one man's obsessive quest for perfection. Originally introduced to the public in mid 2005, Sony's much anticipated driving simulator was met with delay after delay - and why? Lead designer Kazunori Yamauchi would accept nothing short of perfection for his game - and it shows.

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seinfan2759d ago

It just seems like most people believe it's either just an above average to pretty good game. I think most people on here are just trying to justify their premature expectations of it. I've yet to play it, and probably won't for a good while. Not a huge fan of racing games, but I'll pick it up when the price drops to $20 or $30.