BFBC2: VIP Map Pack 7 Maps are now playable on all 3 platforms

VIP Map Pack 7 Maps are now playable on all 3 platforms

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bullswar2666d ago

About time ... Ive been waitin for this and Dead Nation ... So far no Dead Nation yet Uk PS Store. I swear to GOD where the Eff is Dead Nation. I wanna play it like right now.

BabyTownFrolics2666d ago

harvest day and oasis here i come

captain-obvious2666d ago

downloading this big fat fuck for like 6 hours
still half way done

fuckin internet

Static-X2666d ago

I checked an hour ago and it was there :3 (UK PS)

Szarky2666d ago

What modes are these maps for, doesn't even mention it on their blog. Any for rush?

soundslike2666d ago

I believe every map but oasis is for rush

TheBand1t2666d ago

Harvest Day and Oasis are Rush, as is the snow village one whose name I can't recall.

Heavy Metal is conquest only.

mrv3212666d ago

Harvest day rocks... also a good tip is to get vehicle sight range, and get the UAV, KIlled 4 vehicles, got a killstreak of 16 and a ton of spots... no one could shoot me down, I was 200 feet up and a base away.

DlocDaBudSmoka2666d ago

now just 20 days until vietnam.

TheBand1t2666d ago

I just got done smashin' everyone on Oasis.

Fun times

mrv3212666d ago

They feel different, that's for sure... stumping into Oasis felt like a new map, my tree was gone, in BC1 I loved ( and loathed ) the snipers, I found this tree that when cut down would provide the PERFECT sniping position, it has since gone.

It does feel more balanced, and it's very sweet to take down the helicopter.

It does feel more cluttered than the original which is a flaw... it feels too big for the 3 tanks ( didn't spawn as attacker but seemed like 3 ) but it's so fun for a squad to spawn on you and then you 4 all run through the fields on the way to plantation, such fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.