Media Create hardware sales (11/22 - 11/28)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales figures from Japan. PS3 gets a large boost this week, and the PSP continues with strong sales.

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FlyWestbrook2785d ago

I'm guessing the PS3 sales are from the GT5 sales.

Cloudberry2785d ago


Tales Of Graces F this early December.

Kain812785d ago

Tales of Grace F will be released tomorrow, oh wait i think in Japan its already 02 Dec. 2010 than it should be out already

RedDevils2785d ago

In Japan it like 12am, unless there a midnight release

imoutofthecontest2785d ago

It's barely Dec 2 here -- as in, it's 12:45am as I post this ^^;;

Oddly though, my local place had the game out and were selling it today. I suppose that happens now and then.

TheBlackSmoke2785d ago

68k this week....and they say Japan does not count. lol

Kain812785d ago

iam more exited for the Tales of Xillia for the PS3 announcement (15. Dec)

Death24942785d ago

Nice, that's one hell of a boost for ps3. Wii has reached saturation levels now. Microsoft is dominating in America but Sony has EU and JP. I can't wait until Q4 reports come out.

gaffyh2785d ago

What the heck, why was PSP so high last week and this week? That's an insane amount of sales!

PS3 also had a really impressive boost.

NeoBasch2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

And to think, they said the PSP was dead too.

Over the past two weeks in Japan, the PSP has outsold every iteration of the DS combined by over 70,000 units. Now that's incredible!

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jahcure2785d ago

WOW..that's 16:1 when compared to xbox360..MS NEEDS to drop prices there. Why aren't they paying attention...

testerg352785d ago

I don't think there's anything that MS can do that will make the 360 sell in Japan.

RedDevils2785d ago

They could Give the 360 with Kinect for free, and have 500 million ads campaign it still wouldn't move the sale by any margin

RageAgainstTheMShine2785d ago

The PlayStation Brand is Unstoppable
not by Nintendo,
not by Microsoft,
that's a fact not opinion.

15 years of Unstoppable Prowess!

Come 2011 PlayStation Brand will bring the BOOM to the power of BOOM!

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All_4_One2785d ago


PS3 – 68,840

That`s a considerable boost.

Counter Strike2785d ago

anyway strong numbers for Psp , damn next week MH comes out right ?? Damn i bet 300K for PSP that week... such a beast

imoutofthecontest2785d ago

MH3 came out today. I was in the store when it happened. It was much less a "store" than a "pile of dudes" at 5pm when the game officially went on sale. They posted a sign on the door "There are already too many people in the store. We will run out of Monster Hunter today. We're very sorry."

Taker_1292785d ago

MS needs to do something about japan and fast. Congrats to Sony on the boost in psp and ps3 hardware. And Nint.. I just don't care.

Xusuyzus2785d ago

360 ,.. almost 6000 ,.. that is kinect bringing moneys,..

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