Gran Turismo 5: hilarious glitches and bugs ... collector's edition

Gran Turismo 5 contains a lot of bugs and glitches. Some of the ealier ones were fixed, some will be fixed in the future. Videogameszone made a collection of the most entertaining bugs in Gran Turismo 5.

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Death24942610d ago

Really!? you're posting this now? I guess you're trying to do damage control since you've just seen JP software numbers (430k). Don't forget that all GT games have long legs on them. Sad to see people stoop to a level such as this for a system that don't even own.

nix2610d ago

'Collector's Edition'.. ha ha... it's painful to see them so desperate!

jadenkorri2610d ago

man and people complain bout ps3 fanboys, yet look at the 360 fanboys articles on damage control, an whole article, 1 legitimate issue with fiat500 cant climb those hills. One glitch were the game froze, wow. i don't think i need to say more.

zeeshan2610d ago

It's easy to avoid these types of articles. Simply click URL of the website with plus sign below Watch Video and rate this website.


Come on now, don't be a complaining moron! Do it or simply keep getting this b****t every now and then.

PirateThom2610d ago

I don't know if the Fiat 500 thing is even a glitch, those things have barely any power.

thewhoopimen2610d ago

Agreed Pirate Thom. I doubt the Fiat 500 even had enough horsepower to pull itself up that steep grade. These cars are modeled pretty carefully based off their weight vs. power ratios. I know when I used to drive an old 85 Camry it was hitting the low 20mphs when I tried to climb something like that course.

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psman0122610d ago

I agree. And what is the Fiat one doing on there? Thats not a glitch, OR a bug... the car just simply isn't strong enough to climb up the hill... its still hilarious though, haha

BYE2610d ago

If anything, it's a proof of the awesome physics. The car behaves exactly like it would in real life.

But maybe they meant the real car has a bug, not the game :)

acky12610d ago

Wow, I actually thought the people in that fiat vid were european until I realised they were just geordies :P

ExplosionSauce2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Exactly haha.
That car has like 18hp xD

NAGNEWS2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

he use the ps3 jailbreak, that is why game is glitchy german n00bs buy the game ffs

ambientFLIER2610d ago

So people posting glitches of GT5 are desperate? What about all the sony fanboys posting forza glitches right after release?

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bigman2u082610d ago

maybe its there way of saying i want a ps3 + GT5 for christmas. Ps3 owners are having more fun!!! lol

bigman2u082610d ago

have these people complaining about graphic issues even got a decent LED or LCD TV that runs at 100hz or more if not then u need to sort out your settings on the XMB menu so the game runs better.
Im playing it on my new 40" Sony Bravia and its running beautiful just a thought.....

Benjamin_Franklin2610d ago ShowReplies(1)
sp1deynut2610d ago

...before uploading to Youtube. Seriously....why the hell would anyone bother watching that, when 1/2 the video shows a black loading screen?

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The story is too old to be commented.
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