Media Create software sales (11/22 - 11/28) - First week sales for Gran Turismo 5

Media Create has published the latest software sales from Japan. First week sales for Gran Turismo 5, Mario Sports Mix, and others have been revealed.

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InfectedDK2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Gran Turismo 5 first week – 430,707 (Japan)

World wide by jan. 1. 2011 - 6 million.

Abash2701d ago

Damn, that's a lot of copies for Japan in three days

trounbyfire2701d ago

lets not for get that FF did like 2 million in the first week or so but you are right anything close to 500,000 in japan is HUGE

ryuzu2701d ago

Interesting how it has stacked up against the NDS and Wii releases. Wii has two Mario releases, but GT5 has outsold one and sold 2/3 of the other which had 4 additional days.

No Kincet game in the top 20 - I thought it would do bad in Japan, but um, not that bad. This follows the poor performance of Kintec titles in the UK charts ...


zootang2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Goes to show how reviewers aren't in touch with current gaming trends. Same can be said about Move.

At least the consumer knows quality, even with all the slander. Imagine if this would have received 10/10's and the gaming media praised it. Could have been one of the biggest launches ever for a video game?

thor2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )



You just said (paraphrasing)

Sony fanyboys are so predictable. Game gets great reviews, poor sales => "Sales=/=quality PS3 has quality," game gets good (not great) reviews, great sales => "Consumers know what's best that's why they buy the game (sales=quality)."

People bought GT5 because it's a GRAN TURISMO GAME. It's a big-name game. So many people were waiting for it. No doubt many of the people who play it will have similar opinions to the reviewers (the reviewers are just gamers with opinions, too). If we take the reviewers' opinions as representitive of the gaming public, many people WILL be disappointed.

It's quite simple - just look at when you said "sales=/=quality" and apply it here. Stereotypical comment:
"Halo 3 is actually crap - sales=/=quality and Killzone 2 has more quality. People only bought Halo 3 because of marketing and because it's another Halo game and people liked Halo 2"
Of course this analogy is flawed because Halo 3 HAS quality in spades.

Another thing - how on earth could any consumer know that a game is quality BEFORE they buy it? Again, the only reason they bought it is because of the name on the front, and the marketing of the game. At least for most consumers.

Redrum0592701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

im trying to costumize my "audi tt coupe 09"
ive tuned it to lessn' some of the weight
i bought some parts to it,
ive done a few more things

but i mainly want it to have good turning while keeping a good speed.
i need some tuning advise.

it turns good while accelerating but sucks at turning when i try to slowdown for a sharp corner.

feel free to pm me anyone.

ksense2701d ago


"Halo 3 HAS quality in spades" . thats all i need for me to ignore your comment. Please put that in the beginning so I don't have to read the rest of it next time. Thanks

redsquad2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )


360 fanboys are so predictable because "Sales DON'T equal quality" now.
And HALO 3 has "quality in spades"? There's those pesky opinions again - I thought it was awful.

And you also said: "Another thing - how on earth could any consumer know that a game is quality BEFORE they buy it? Again, the only reason they bought it is because of the name on the front, and the marketing of the game."
Digging yourself even deeper, aren't you sunshine? Whenever the latest instalment of the HALO franchise is churned out, your sort are the FIRST to bleat "Look! Millions of preorders alone PROVES it's better than KILLZONE!!"

HolyOrangeCows2700d ago



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Death24942701d ago

Not everyone get's paid on the same week. So expect to see something similar next week too. still though 430k, that is just bonkers.

Dread2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

sales matter?

I thought you guys played games not sales.
lolz just kidding dont get to rilled up.

these are great numbers and just reflect Japan, this game will sell millions! congrats to Sony and Polyphony. And to all the GT fans out there I hope you enjoy the game. I am not a racing fan, but the game looks beautiful, any racing fan would be crazy not to check it out.

peace and happy gaming.

visualb2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

..."Media Create software sales (11/22 - 11/28) - First week sales for Gran Turismo 5"


its a sales article...people will talk sales...

sorry to have to point that out =P

not riled up, I just don't get why people use the "sales matter" argument, especially in a sales article...<_<

I agree though, sales don't really matter, especially when its such a big game thats bound to sell millions within days.

nor do sales directly reflect quality , but they don't reflect bad quality either.

Dread2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

I know dude
I was just making fun of all the sonyfanbabys that always argue that sales dont matter, an argument which ironically they raise in every article specially articles about sales.

I think sales do matter and articles about sales are the best place to discuss sales :)


iPad2701d ago

Damn! That's a lot in Japan!!

Clarence2701d ago

Did you notice that in this article
They said that gt5 only sold 212,296.
Here are the sale figures:

EMEAA: 1,841,500 copies (Europe Mid East Africa Asia)

Japan: 212,296  copies 

Americas: 382,000 copies 

 Why did they give japan such a low total for sales?

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bigman2u082701d ago

taking a breather from my graphic bursting GT5 on my 40" Sony Bravia LED i forgot to put on my seat belt while driving looool

GoldPS32701d ago

Dude are you ok? You didn't loose your head while driving did you? Wearing your seat belt is a must. XD

GT5 sales are looking great. Should reach 5m by xmas.

Prcko2701d ago

omg half million only in japan,and only 1st week lol,this is gonna be HUUGE!!!

sher00win992701d ago

gt5 was released in japan on nov 25, its not a week, its only 3 days..

Simco8762701d ago

Not trolling here, but no 360 games?

Microsoft needs to throw 500 million at Japan. You can't be completely thrown out of one heavy gaming region of the world.

Dread2701d ago

just because you state that you are "not trolling here" does not make your comment less trollish.

Ms has tried very hard to beak the japan market and the japanese simply did not respond well to the 360. I give kudos for Ms for trying, but perhaps its time to let that market go, and concentrate on the US, Europe and other emerging markets.

At least MS, together with nintendo, have the U.S. market, which is the most profitable gaming market in the world at the present. I am sure Ms is satisfied with that.

Japan is nintendo and Sony land. There is nothing else MS can do this gen.

IHateYouFanboys2700d ago

Japan ISNT a heavy gaming region of the world though, thats the thing. theyve barely even sold 5 million PS3s overall, and thats their homeland where they absolutely love Sony.

Europe and North America are the big gaming regions. if you win one of those, your console is successful. the 360 has comprehensively won the North America region, and is holding its own in Europe. they could sell 0 360s in Japan - they basically do already - and it wouldnt make any difference because Japan doesnt matter anymore.

more and more japanese developers are trying to change how they work so they can produce Western style games, because Japanese style games just arent what people want these days. theyre quickly becoming irrelevant in the gaming world.

Microsoft dont need to spend money in japan, because theyre never going to even gain 10% of the market share there. why? because theyre a big bad american company. thats all there is to it. the Japanese are fiercely loyal when it comes to technology. any money MS spend there is basically just p!ssing it up the wall.

Ace Killa 082700d ago

Real good points there. If u notice there's no more jrpg games for 360 or none are getting the headlines like blue dragon and lost Odyssey. I'll admit that 360 is dead in Japan. N I would assume the Wii is the best seller there since 360 is dead, ps3 5 million (according to ur comment).

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