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"After a five-year wait, memories of the previous fully featured Gran Turismo game have begun to slide into the realm of nostalgia. In reality, Polyphony Digital’s biggest crime is one of inertia; the most infuriating problems here are structural quirks buried deep within the DNA of the series, and as the sheer bulk of content borders on the unmanageable, they simply become harder to forgive."

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OtherWhiteMeat2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Wow...reviewers are pretty unforgiving with this game.Being criticized for to much content is absurd,would they rather pay for it as DLC.Never thought I see the day when reviewers bitch about a game having too many choices.

M-Easy2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

This is nothing new. All PS3 exclusives get nitpicked and overly criticized to death. The general rule is a PS3 exclusive reviewed by edge just add 2 points but in this case I'll make an exception and add 3.

Dee_912699d ago

lol when ever a review starts off with
" after waiting 5 yearss blah blah blah" crap you already know its getting a low score
if it was a 1 year it would have have been better ? .. it would have been on ps2 actually

Masamori Sumimura2699d ago

Illuminati is lowering GT5's score.

ryuzu2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Actually, from Edge, this is a decent score. In fact I'd say on balance, Edge have scored it higher than usual :)

I find Edge weird - they have some great articles and up until about 2 years ago, I thought their reviews were generally good (albeit trending lower than other mags - but at least they were consistent). However, the reviewing in Edge now seems to be very inconsistent.

I think I preferred it when they didn't publish scores...


RedRedSuitSDF2699d ago

No they don't. Most PS3 exclusives get great high reviews, and game of the year nominations and win. Look at LBP, Uncharted 2, KZ 2, Infamous.. and so on.

GT isn't the bomb as the kids used to say this time around. Time to just suck it up and have fun with it. If you have a 360, then just get the Definitive racer Forza 3. It's win/win for anyone who loves sim racers.

Lifendz2699d ago

It's the five years. Everything is processed through the prism of "this is all you could do in five years?" There is a bright side to this. These GT5 reviews really showcase which sites are good at their jobs and which aren't as good.

tplarkin72699d ago

It's called "milking the franchise". It happens to all successful games.

raztad2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )


"st PS3 exclusives get great high reviews, and game of the year nominations and win. Look at LBP, Uncharted 2, KZ 2, Infamous.. and so on."

It is not true. KZ2:7 (meta 91), inFAMOUS 7 (meta 86). But even more important is the proven statistical fact that EDGE underscore PS3 exclusives consistently bellow metacritic average, and over-score xboxs.

Now regarding GT5, as someone else said. It was a very predictable score. Kinda high actually, I was expecting a 6. Too much content FTL. Right EDGE? lol

StanLee2699d ago

I'm beginning to think the problem with GT5 for reviewers is that it's just to familiar. The 5 year wait lead to expectations but I don't know what they expected. It's GT, it was always going to play like every other GT game. It's the most refined GT to date so why is that disappointing? Why the unfounded criticism?

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DatNJDom812699d ago

Edge...... no surprise here. Move along.

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VictoriousB132699d ago

Is there a review site that people do trust that gave GT5 an average score? Or do all fanboys just say "move along" to every site that doesn't think GT5 is what it was hyped to be?

talltony2699d ago

To get this game and try not to like it. The truth of the matter is that their really isnt anything wrong with it except maybe the online right now. It is completely playable and I expected not to like GT5 but I do. I really dont look at this game and think its anywhere near a 7 rating. I look at this game and I see a high quality racing game.

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Tr10wn2699d ago

Erm i got the game and i don't like it, i win? enjoy your 800+ standards cars. "After 5 YEARS" we get only 200 premium... NICE.

Perjoss2699d ago

i love gt5 but lets not pretend its perfect, because its not.

talltony2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

It's not perfect no game is but their is nothing wrong with it. And if you have it and dnt like it prove it wit ur psn name.
And the standard cars don't even look that bad. They are still cars! Why do you think you should just ignore 800 cars because they are not exactly the same as 200 of them? This game is huge most racing games dnt even have 200 cars.

Perjoss2699d ago

my PSN name is not hidden, you can see it in my profile... its 'Perjoss'

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Christopher2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

There's one thing I've noticed with all GT5 reviews, the score is reflective of how long they had to wait for the game and not just on the game itself. It's compared against the high hopes they had for the game, and not for the games that are out there with which it could be compared.

They are still, overall, good scores, but when you see many reviewers say it's better than Forza 3 and then score it lower, that should tell you something.

P.S. Gotta laugh at the few reviews that complain about it being too much of a simulator and not enough of a game.

RedRedSuitSDF2699d ago

Curious if you had any links that many reviewers were saying GT5 is better than Forza 3. I'd like to put those up on my site, in the smackdown portion of the forum.

PrimordialSoupBase2699d ago

Criticised for too much content? I don't know what you're reading but it's stated rather clearly that the problem is the organisation.

joydestroy2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

i just laugh when i see scores like that. i've already poured hours and hours into GT5 and i've stayed up late when i had to wake up early the next morning for work. i can't get enough of it. already level 19 A Spec. i race with the Lambo SuperVeloche now =P
it's crazy fast

there are minor issues with the game, such as menu UI and loading times, as well as some screen tearing and jaggies with shadows, but i wouldn't take away points for those tiny things compared to everything else the game does perfectly.

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joeorc2699d ago


But this is a production that feels increasingly aged in the face of modern game design. The creeping and eventually overriding feeling is that this meticulously precise simulation, and its lovingly constructed catalogue of automotive history, deserved a little more game to come along for the ride. [7]

I mean come on,,really

"But this is a production that feels increasingly aged in the face of modern game design."

you know what...

GT series is not any other Racer, its not trying to mimic every freaking racing game..what would be the point if it did?

These reviewers want the GT series to be every freaking Cookie cutter racer that's out there because , what...Some how they see GT is outdated?

that's because they would not know good software when it comes out an bites them right in th @ss.

just my Opinion on the reviewers, just like they review games...EDGE reviewers


6 of it mostly for being So Snarky.
an an extra point for putting some thought into their Review.

T9X692699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

I think you're missing their point when they said,

"But this is a production that feels increasingly aged in the face of modern game design"

Their not saying the game should be like every other game, they're saying it feels aged because it's the same GT it was back on PS2 and even PS1. Kind of how the COD reviews were, its a good game, but it's the same old COD. Same concept, different game. The series is over 10 years old after all.

Caffo012699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

with the difference being cod gets 9s and 10s and GT5 a 7...anyway i was expecting it, 90% of EDGE scores are 7 LOL

skrug2699d ago

and yet COD gets rated higher than GT5?

BABY-JEDI2699d ago

Trust me. If GT came out just like every other racer ( with a glitzy street cred feel) then they would complain about that. The fact is that GT is a PS3 exclusive & EDGE will make whatever reason they want to Mark it down.
Remember Killzone 3 with 3D = -3 points

callahan092699d ago

Another bullshit review. This was to be expected from Edge, of course. But I don't understand how this game isn't a perfect score. Yes, the game is not perfect. No game is perfect. I've played thousands of games in my life and this offers the most of any of them, bar none. It is so much fun, it has so much to do, and everybody I know that was anticipating this game is having such a god damn blast with it. None of my GT-loving friends would even consider the notion that this game was a "disappointment" and none of them gives a flying fuck how long it took to make, they simply buy the game, put it in their system, and enjoy what's on that blu-ray disc. There is some kind of serious disconnect here between what CRITICS are looking at and what GAMERS are looking at. Again, the game isn't perfect, but what fucking game is perfect?

Kastanaras2699d ago

"I don't understand how this game isn't a perfect score. Yes, the game is not perfect."

Quite the genius we have here.

callahan092699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Did you even READ MY COMMENT? I clearly said NO GAME IS PERFECT. But I am saying that if any game deserves the highest marks, it's this one. I'm acknowledging that this doesn't mean it's a perfect game, but I truly believe the game has as much on offer and as much quality and fun to provide as any other game on the market, and thus it deserves an equally high score as the highest rated games out there. I made it quite clear that a perfect score is not resigned only for perfect games, because then there would BE no perfect scores, as there are no perfect games. My point was, that the little imperfections in this game are getting it docked unnecessarily, whereas often bigger imperfections in other games don't seem to have nearly as much of a negative impact on the reviewers' view of the game.

Edit: Again... A perfect score is not relegated only for perfect games, because then no game would score perfectly. And if no game can score perfectly, then wouldn't that have the implied effect of the second-highest score being the maximum score, thus the perfect score? When you try to say that the highest score is only for perfect things, when perfection doesn't exist, then you get yourself into that situation where next-to-perfect is perfect, and then you create paradox. A perfect score does not mean a perfect game.

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