Black Ops: Further Patching & Updates

Seems and Treyarch go back and forth on where to lay the blame for the delay in update releases for Call of Duty: Black Ops. With more information from as well as a more definable timeline for the software patching schedule, we can make assumptions as to when the next major patch & update will be released.

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kdogdaddy2665d ago

Three weeks out from a major release is unacceptable for having a stable and enjoyable gaming experience for the majority of consumers.

FanboyPunisher2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

- Terrible network code, causing allot of room for 'bullish' kills..and events.
- No dedicated
- Shit quality, with P->P interaction, knifes, animations, etc.

Never buying COD again, but I only traded 2 in order to get this POS.

Shit game, will be a good trade in for SW:TOR pre-order though.

Losi2665d ago

Agreed. Such a great title bogged down with so many errors and bugs.

BlueOps2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

I'd still would like to stick with my point that, a game this highly rated and anticipated, SHOULD not have come with so MANY bugs/errors/lag/whatever that plagued it.

kdogdaddy2664d ago

Couldn't agree with you more.

Brawler2664d ago

Ya they should have delayed but sadly in any type of project when you delay it could mean you lose $100,000+ of money easily that late in the game. not meeting schedule you lose too much money which they deemed not worth it. Since they know no matter what they release they will get the sales. If this was a new Game to market that has no userbase it would have been suicide to release.

SixZeroFour2664d ago

should have emphasized on the "not" not the "should", but i agree...was there even a beta or even a demo pre-release? its somewhat good that they are showing that they are supporting the game with patches and updates, but why is it that cod games always need so many of them? you think they would have learnt by now ever since...umm...4?

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DaBadGuy2664d ago

Medal of Honor had a beta.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 had a beta.

Call of Duty Black Ops.....didn't.


Three weeks out and still problems.

If they had a beta they could have solved the spawn issue on maps like Nuketown, they could have solved issues with the PS3 and PC versions which are apparantly unplayable, they could have avoided all this but they said "ah screw em, they'll still buy it."

And we did.

Sneaky SOBs.

SixZeroFour2664d ago

and theyll continue that trend of no beta testing and having problems weeks on end after release forevermore and the masses will continue to buy the game on release and complain later

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