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Eurogamer writes "A top-down twin stick shooter filled with zombies, the only way Dead Nation could be less original is if developer Housemarque found a way to squeeze some space marines and a dropship in there. It's the definition of a Ronseal game, offering exactly what you expect and not a pixel more."

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ryuzu2700d ago

Sure - although this review is really for gamers with multiple platforms since it brings up L4D several times....

Seems to me, if you only game on PS3, then the stuff in Dead Nation will be pretty novel according to Eurogamer, and perhaps deserving of a somewhat higher score as a result.

Anywho, given my distaste for L4Ds, I think I'll try Dead Nation for a change of pace from the GT5 sessions!


UnoMoment02700d ago

So they should review all games like other games of the same genre don't exist? Mind of the console loyalist. Gt5? You're always here, when do you play it at all? Psn gametag please

AssassinHD2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

Actually Uno a good reviewer will review a product on it's own merits, without comparing it to other products. Because comparing a product to another is not a review, it is a comparison.

raztad2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )


PSN ID you mean? Why dont you give yours?

And ryuzu never said they should review like other games dont exist. My first language is not english yet I can understand what he meant.

"Seems to me, if you only game on PS3, then the stuff in Dead Nation will be pretty novel according to Eurogamer,"

There is some logic in this.

BTW, unomomento considering you just joined 2 days ago, I'm noticing you are very familiar with N4G. What is your real account? tell us.

rdgneoz32700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

@UnoMoment0 Damn, 2 days and already down to 2 bubbles, good job. Way to troll there buddy. Guessing your main account is at 1 bubble already.

As for the game, it is good. Play with the lights off and surround sound on. Sh!t is creepy when all the lights go out around you and you hear cans being kicked and zombies moving around in the dark.

And as AssassinHD said, a good reviewer will review a game based on it's own merits. If you try the, "well game A had this but B doesn't" or "A does this better than B", there's always going to be a game that A took inspiration from or seems similar to.

gamerdude1322700d ago

Finally! Someone acknowledges my way of reviewing! Praise the Lawd Jebus (and the Lord Jesus)!

I'm sorry for this off-topic comment, but I'm just happy that someone comes out and says what a review is. My wording is "You should review a game on it's own merits, not the merits of others," and I try to hit that mark with every review.

Active Reload2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

Anytime a game is being reviewed and other games are brought up to show comparisons, its a good indication of the game being reviewed, not traveling the road less taken that leads to innovation.

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T9X692700d ago

Judging by the 6/10, doesn't look like it. When it comes to twin stick shooters and Zombies, I could care less what they say, twin stick shooters are awesome. I Made A Game With Zombies In It is the cheapest and one of the best twin stick Zombie shooters around, and has a bad ass song with it, all for $1.

Kurisu2700d ago

Yea, SSHD was amazing and this is made by the same people! So I imagine it will be great! Don't think I'll buy it until after christmas...need all the money I can get this close to christmas!

zeddy2700d ago

sounds to me that the guy has had enough of zombies, the game isnt that bad.

Vherostar2700d ago

Hmm slated due to not original? Does every game have to be innovative or else?? Games like halo:CE and MGS4 wern't innovative yet they will be remembered as the best of there time. Innovation doesn't make a great game gameplay does.

Jaces2700d ago

I don't know about everybody else but this game is freakin tough!

Haven't even made it to the gas station yet and I've died dozens of times. I like it because it poses a challenge and makes you use everything at your disposal in order to succeed.

BrianC62342700d ago

I don't get this review at all. I only read parts of it but it seems like the reason they don't like it is the zombies. What? Maybe they should release it again and replace the zombies with aliens from space or monsters or something. Reviewers are getting way too petty and boring now. I don't even bother looking at reviews much to decide on buying games. They just seem to not get gaming much anymore.

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All_4_One2700d ago

I was playing Dead Nation all day yesterday, and I don`t understand how you could possibly give it anything less than an 8 to be honest.

GhettoBlasStarr2700d ago

I did the same and I agree. For $15 it is more than worth it. But I give it 8.7, its a great date game to play with the Ladies...."Chicka-Chickah -Bow-Wow"

rdgneoz32700d ago

For $12, its more than worth it. The online and offline co-op is sweet as well, one of the major things people tend to complain about these days for DL games.

Cryptech2700d ago

Ya but no voice chat, that sux.

beast242tru2700d ago

i would still buy not everyone sees games the same way so reviews are basically opinions

Jason1432700d ago

Ya, i played it for about 8hrs straight and its easily a 9. We all have left 4 dead on pc or xbox so enough with comparing it to everything. L4d is a pointless shooter with great gfx (on pc at least)I hope to see Dead nation get some sequels and exspansions Coming from the super stardust team Im sure they will.

ThatIrishGamer2700d ago

It's a PSN game. . .priced at £9.99. . .It's not meant to be ground breaking. . .100% original. . .new stuff that no one has seen before.

It's MEANT to be a co-op Zombie shooting game.

It's meant to do exactly what it says on the tin.

What a bunch of tardo's :rolleyes:

ExPresident2700d ago

Its priced at $11.99 for PS+ users and like $14.99 for normal users FYI.

P1NKY2700d ago

He probably knows. He said £9.99 as in Pounds Sterling, not US Dollars. £9.99 is roughly $15.50 US Dollars.

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