Dead Rising 2: Case West Belongs On PlayStation 3 (RunDLC)

When Capcom revealed that Dead Rising 2: Case Zero was Xbox 360 exclusive, it was easy for us to make excuses. It was, in a way, a downloadable experiment, a five-dollar prologue that let the publisher test the proverbial waters to see if this type of thing would fly. After more than 600,000 downloads, it’s obvious that fans are hungry for cheap and fun content, which leads to this question: why is there no love for PlayStation 3?

By now, Case Zero should have already debuted on the PlayStation Network, barring some deal with Microsoft to keep it on 360. The biggest offense, however, is the announcement that the next adventure, Case West, will also be Xbox Live exclusive, and it makes no sense.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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WetN00dle692786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Well John Artest, now you know how it feels when the PS3 gets exclusive DLC and they kick the 360 fanbase in the sack. But keep crying man maybe youll get your wishes come this Christmas.

Buff10442786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

You have a point, but this is bigger than new levels or some bonus attire. DR2 is available on both platforms and Case West/Case Zero are pretty significant games. No reason for them to be 360 exclusive. Besides, Capcom is largely based in Japan, yet there's no release on PS3? It could make more cash.

WetN00dle692786d ago

Thats true. Since both consoles got DR2 there is no need for this exclusivity. I still stand to what i said awhile ago BUT Case West and Case Zero should have only been timed exclusives and not permanent exclusives.

rdgneoz32785d ago

You do realize there's a difference between DLC that has no bearing on the story (like an extra mission or hideout that has no impact on the overall story, a la Red Dead), versus the intro to a game (/ bridging the gap between the first and 2nd games) and extending the ending of the game.

RockmanII72785d ago

why do you need to bridge the gap from the first game if the first game never came out for PS3? I agree that this should be multi, but your argument isn't the best one I've heard.

Vherostar2785d ago

Who cares?? Its a minor DLC and to be fair most people who played the game have probably moved on to other games now anyways.. On both consoles..

Zydake2785d ago

This DLC actually looked good and I was planning on getting then I read Xbox 360 exclusive ):