Trade in a bunch of bananas for a free copy of Donkey Kong Country Returns at UK launch

Nintendo Universe writes:

In celebration of the anticipated release of Donkey Kong Country Returns, Nintendo of Europe have today announced a rather unique way in which fans of the series can receive a free copy of the title on launch day.

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SpongeFreak522730d ago

To be honest, I've NEVER seen a monkey eat a banana.

red2tango2730d ago 5QQuc&feature=related

TheNocturnus2730d ago

I hope they don't continue this trend. Think about it; trade in a Ferrari for GT5, trade in a POW for Cod: BO or trade in smashed turtles for Super Mario. The list could go on and on...

Kurisu2730d ago

Trade in a Medusa head for God of War!

Nate-Dog2730d ago

Or a blade for Assassin's Creed!

SpongeFreak522730d ago

Trade in a human skull for Halo!

Evildoomnerd2730d ago

or a black hole for a Kirby game!

niminator2730d ago

Trade in your girlfriend for a SexBox Kinect?

assmonkey2730d ago

I'd buy that in a minute!! LOL that made me laugh!!

niminator2730d ago

Or my little sister for Bioshock ;)

TheDeadMetalhead2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Trade in a baby for Metroid: Other M.

ChickeyCantor2730d ago

Your balls...for dragon ball?
....what I dont even

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radphil2730d ago

Why can't we do fun things like this in the US for launches? :(

nataku172730d ago

this sucks =/ i don't live near these places so i don't get a game for a bunch of bananas... if you are going to do something like this it really should be on a national scale.