Will MMOs ever find a home on consoles?

The genre must adapt to the different console audience, FFIV producer tells MCV.

While massively multiplayer games are predominantly a PC-based affair, various companies have tried to establish a market on consoles – with mixed results.

The 2003 title EverQuest Online Adventures struggled to recreate its predecessor’s success on PS2, but Sega has seen relatively strong performances from its Phantasy Star Online titles, which began with the original Dreamcast release in 2000 and since has hit Xbox 360 and the PSP.

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Dawale2727d ago

As one of the people that played and loved EQOA, I can't wait for a good mmo on my PS3.

Tdmd2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Hopefully. Though, in the immediate future, I'm more concerned about the future of sp rpg's, since they had never been so absent in an videogame generation as they are with this one. Aside from Demon's Soul and Valkyria Chronicles, I haven't seen anything good in that department. :T