Full Details Of The Xbox Live Reward Scheme -StickTwiddlers

StickTwiddlers take a look at the FULL terms and conditions behind the new Xbox Live Reward Scheme.

What can gamers expect from the reward scheme and what do we exactly need to do to rack up these points?

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tdogchristy902606d ago

The most likely way you'd earn point is by renewing your subscriptions. I'm already payed through 2014. Does this mean I miss out or will it still count? Is this for like veteran people to reward their loyalty or is it for new adopters?

StickTwiddlers2606d ago

Looking at the T&C's, it seems that you won't pick up any points for renewing your account but you will for other features.
Those who sign up for Gold during the programme will get an inital 100 rewards points and then rewarded for other features.

All of the details are in the article.

Masterchef20072606d ago

they really want people to renew their subscriptions though. Guess they realized that the public didn't take the price hike 2 well

StickTwiddlers2606d ago

Definitely. A LOT of 360 gamers were annoyed by the price hike but it's good to see MS rewarding owners for their loyalty as opposed to taxing them further.

Masterchef20072606d ago

true at least they are not going to charge them anymore. Thats what counts at the moment

Simco8762606d ago

When they start streaming live TV, Live is going to just get that much more expensive

StickTwiddlers2606d ago

It would be nice if the UK got some of the features that the USA got when the price of Live went up, like ESPN.
There are plenty of us here who would love that!

beast242tru2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

once thier giving something back i guess but hardly any of this matter 2 me i live in bahamas cnt use hardly anything no netflix no espn no zune its just fkin anoying

Vherostar2606d ago

Hmm Seems MS took a leaf out of Sonys book and decided to do there own reward system too.. The winner?? The gamers of course!

ThatMiamiGuy2606d ago

Well, it looks as if MS has their rewards system pretty figured out. I am in the PS Rewards beta and it could do with a lot of tweaking but it's great that both companies are looking for ways to give back to the players even if it is by means of what they have always been doing, that is, making a profit from us.