Pachter: Move sales closer to 2.5 million

Videogamer: 4.1 million figure released by Sony represents shipped units. Sony has sold around 2.5 million PlayStation Move units, according to Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter.

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SonyNGP2455d ago

Again with the sold and shipped >__>


again with the pachter he guesses and is always wrong >_>

UnoMoment02455d ago

Again with the excuses >__>

Lionhead2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

*Looks at Title*

*Looks at Contributor*

Typical >__>

rroded2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

are like the holy grail of the ms camp

even tho every year the real numbers come out and their proven to be under stating sony and overstating ms...

Sad since we lost the real numbers the spins only gotten worst.

T9X692455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )


The real numbers are already out. 4.1 Million shipped, Sony said themselves they don't release sold numbers, only shipped.

"A Sony representative has clarified to Kotaku that the 4.1 million represents units sold to retail outlets from Sony"

"While we don't disclose our exact sell-through number"

wingman32x2455d ago

Again with the "again's"!!!

Lol, that was lame. Had to say it though.


Move and Kinect both seem to be doing well. Both Kinect and Move were out of stock at my local department store. There was only a sole 320GB move bundle in stock. I don't think Sony NEEDS huge numbers. Both Sony and MS have gathered enough early adopters to avoid any immediate failure.

Hideo_Kojima2455d ago

Patcher: I guarantee that Nintendo will launch the Wii HD in 2010...

He said it like a hundred times.
He was wrong.
Like always.


jack_burt0n2455d ago

Its so funny the denial the MS fans have its so deep, the prospect of move not only being a much better product but selling better as well is like total melt down level event.

Could you imagine all the people with common sense over the last 18 months when it came to motion controllers being proven right, lmao.

SoapShoes2455d ago

So they sold barely over half of them with 1.6 million in warehouses, yet retailers are still demanding more? That makes a whole lot of sense...

Lightsaber2455d ago

2.5 it probably right but I bet that less then a million people actually own the move. takin in to account the number of peices need and that a lot of people buy 2 of them to play with friends and family

Bigpappy2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

But he does have access to real numbers. He works for JP Morgan. As far as gaming, he knows nothing outside of numbers. He is a gaming fraud.

Sony is giving Pacher this power by not releasing sales to customers. why try to keep this a big secret? When they release quarterly numbers to investors, they have to come clean anyway. Stupid maketing ploy to try and generate excitement. What they really need are some good casual games for the move. They are going this for the casuals who what every hot item. Even the PS3 fanboy know that developer don't care about how many were shiped to retail. They want to know how many shiped to retail. They want to know how many potential customers have the product.

D4RkNIKON2455d ago

LOL trolls are funny creatures.

ComboBreaker2454d ago

Most of it are sold out = Sony sold around 4 millions.

Very simple. Don't know how Patcher could be so off.

BusterFang2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

*Gaming Industry looks at Pachter then to VGChartz*

*Sound of millions of hands facepalming*

Why does this guy even try?
Especially VGChartz -_-

somerandomdude2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Pachter is using his psychic abilities again to "peg" exact numbers instead of using those pesky sources.

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ct032455d ago

Of course these need to be differentiated. What's so surprising about that?

princejb1342455d ago

lmao since we all giving opinions *cough cough patcher*
if move is 2.5mill
than the competitor is like 1mill

moparful992455d ago

Move sold 1 million units in europe alone in september.. SO pachter wants us to believe that for the entirety of october and november including black friday and cyber monday that move has only sold approx 1.5 million more worldwide? What an idiot, he's become such a joke anymore...

STK0262455d ago

I guess it makes sense, as for Sony itself, 4.1 million units have been sold to the retailers. Now, while Pachter is basing his numbers on the October data for NA, his numbers seem to be plausible.

I would also like to point out that having the amount of units sold for both Kinect and Move is quite pointless and mostly looks like flamebait, but if people are going to use these numbers for their arguments, I guess it's better to use the real numbers (of Kinect and PS Move sold, not shipped).

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Hey Pachter STFU! Like I'm going to take your word over Sony?

2455d ago
Darrius Cole2455d ago

So let me get this straight....

Sony said that Sony sold 4.1 million. But Patcher said that Sony sold 2.5 million.

So I am supposed to believe that Patcher knows more about what Sony did than Sony knows about what Sony did. I do not think so.

kerrak2455d ago

Let me add that you are supposed to believe that Sony are lying and Pachter is telling the truth.

RedRedSuitSDF2455d ago

This sound more like it. Like real numbers. Not smoke and mirror numbers.

Just had a friend buy the Move. Said it was fun. Can't wait to get mine when tax returns come.

shoddy2455d ago

he's wrong like %80 of the time.

and the guess he got right, even a retard can guess it.

King-Leonidas2455d ago

again the same xbot submiting anti-move articles...

2454d ago
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harrypmgaga2455d ago

It's Pachter - nuff said.

dalibor2455d ago

Some people are lazy to fully utilize their typing comprehension thus you get things like nuff.
Nuff = enough. I feel like at times my spelling corrodes from reading some of these comments. I am starting to forget how some words are spelled because of age (an old timer here haha) and reading comments online so I always try to spell words as best as I can to help me. Not only to comment online but fill out paperwork and taxes. Oh and chicks dig guys who can type/spell well hehe.

VenomProject2455d ago

"Nuff said" is a popular phrase that was used long before the internet came along.

moparful992455d ago

Guys he was making a joke no need for a grammar lesson.. He said as though "NUFF" was a person.. I chuckled..

units2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

you dont say

sashimi2455d ago

Xbox360 customers are buying more then one Xbox
you don't say.