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Vip3r2610d ago

Cuboid is freakin' awesome. I play blox0rs at Uni when I'm bored and this was a great surprise for us PSN+ owners.

Nice one Sony.

Mmmkay2610d ago

unless you completed it a year or two ago...

Bass_fisherman2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Pac-Man Championship Edition in the minis department! so happy!
ps: its amazing that Naughty Bear still getting DLC after i heard being so awful.

sam22362610d ago

Speaking of Naughty Bear, wasn't the DLC for that game supposed to be free? All the DLC released so far has been, iirc, €3.99 or €4.99.

outwar60102610d ago

is it me or SCEE just non exsistent or non gamers seriously ps plus in eu just sucks and the content is lacking when compared to usa even though we pay more WTF

sam22362610d ago

Got Dead Nation and am on the third level/mission. I love the lighting and the way the rubbish moves around your feet!

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