Xbox Live Rewards Program announced

Rumored well over a year ago, the Xbox Live Rewards program has now come to fruition. Set to launch later this week, the program will reward users with a variety of content (mainly Microsoft Points) for making everyday purchases, taking surveys, renewing their subscription, and more.

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Nitrowolf22604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

So exactly the same as PS Rewards
although i kind of wish Sony would supply a list that makes the bar increase.
It's good to see this expanding

NecrumSlavery2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

THe bar does increase. A week ago the bar was at the line that split the Friends tab and My Lists tab, but now its almost past the My Lists tab. So I think I can say I am about 45% finished. What sucks is that the bar resets ever March. I hope I can get it to the max and get something cool before that happens.

ALSO they have a contest to win LittleBigPlanet 2, that I just entered. One click entry. Here's hoping for it!!!

Nitrowolf22604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

yeah i just entered too
i know the bar gets up i'm like 99% there, i just want to know what makes the bar go up more, kind of like how MS listed what gives you more points, my bar should be completed today or soon considering i bought deadnation

it resets every march???? none the less if you keep playing games you and collecting trophies it will increase fast

AAACE52604d ago

Wow that's new... An article talking about Xbox 360 that has it's first few comments talking about Playstation!


Nitrowolf22604d ago

It's not trolling though considering i am actually glad to see it's expanding, or rather other MS is implementing such a great idea into their system.

Kurt Russell2603d ago

It's better than nothing... but I would have liked a present for being on live for 6 years and having a fairly nerdy achievement score :(

Bereaver2603d ago

I agree with Nitro. This is good for everyone. Every gamer. Competition fuels low prices and better quality. But unfortunately it comes with a side effect, fanboys.

insomnium22603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

Your comment seems a bit misplaced there AACE5? Might want to come back with it when people are NOT discussing things in a civil manner. Now it just seems that you were extremely eager to say what you said and in this case it kinda sounds stupid. Better luck next time huh?

I want these kinds of things to my country too. Area locked things is BS./end rant

I think that MS should lower the price for the xblg subscription when you have subscribed for a long time. They could make even each consecutive year with a -10 % discount every year. Then something like 30 dollars would be the lowest possible price and once you stop being a gold member the bonuses would reset and you would have to pay full price if you want back.

That would give people a serious incentive to not quit subscribing to xblg. I'm not a gold member and i don't even have a x360 anymore but I still think MS should give people something for being a loyal customer. Paying for online gaming might not feel so bad if there were discounts and MS would make it worthwile to stay as a gold member. It would be a win win situation.

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r1sh122604d ago

its a good response to sony PSN rewards.
Hopefully they rip each others ideas off to make the multiplayer network better on each console.

gcolley2603d ago

where have you been? that's all they do and it isn't a dig at anyone. imagine if they didn't? it is the reason why competition is good

M-Easy2604d ago

I already got rewarded by the PlayStation Rewards program, now if it was possible for my 360 to pull me away from my PS3 I'll get rewarded from them too. Win win.

Blaze9292604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

lol this is not new - many people have been in this program for over a year now including myself. Pretty sure it wasn't "rumored" either last year. So no, it isn't a response seeing as it was out over a year ago to select people.

Nitrowolf22604d ago

didn't know that
i guess that's what happens when you have it for selected members people forget. So i am guessing that was Beta phase then and they are now going out and making it fully open?

snipes1012603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

Well, it isn't a response until it exits the exclusive phase is it? If only a select few people have access, that is not an answer at all because it can't be a bullet on the back of the subscription cards. However, now that it's going live it most definitely is a response and it most definitely is new because there are a ton of gamers who haven't experienced it yet.

HarryMonogenis2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

The Xbox Live Reward system was actually trialled in America over a year ago -- but only for six months. I've heard that the people who were accepted back then are still using the program..

IaMs122604d ago

Now they need to implement it for how many trophies or how much achievements you have too

Jaces2603d ago

Where exactly do you guys find the bar? Or is it still in it the beta and only a handful of people have the rewards bar?

xAlmostPro2603d ago

sorta seems new purchases/subs are getting rewarded more than long time subscribers..

but hey its still a cool little thing

Igniter2603d ago

In the beta, points back for market place purchases was based off years of membership. 1 years got 1%. 5 or more years and you got the max of 5%. Currently this new program only list MP purchases as varies.

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NecrumSlavery2604d ago

So you have to Pay $60 to renew for a 12 month Gold account and all you get is $2.50 worth of credit? Thats the following renewals. The first renewel is only 100MP or $1.25 total. Not a very compelling deal. It'll take a while to get anything good.

falviousuk2604d ago

so your saying you would rather not have these rewards then.

can i get a facepalm. MS give something for users using the service the same way they always have done, and someone complains.

Johnny Jiron2604d ago

OOOOR you take advantage of the many offers to get reduced Live pricing (advertised right on the dashboard if you wanna claim that casual players wont know about them). For instance when Halo Reach came out there was an offer to get live for $23 renewal. I think the current offer if $25 off. Plus its still only $40 at most online retailers.

So right off the bat you get a discount. Now you get 200msp for renewal. At the discounted price thats essentially a free month. Use netflix, make a purchase,, and take a survey. Nother months worth. At this point you've gotten 400+ msp. Roughly $5. Thats enough for a free movie rental or a couple tv show purchases. Or enough to take advantage of the weekly discounts for Gold members. Or even 25%-50% off an arcade game.

It may not be a free service, but its certainly better than getting nothing. And if you're a smart shopper you'll be making small savings all over.

Plus even the free members still get something. Not much, but still something.

Either way at least from this article I got to see comments about PSN rewards that I didnt even know about. So its all win for me. Maybe Im just more of an optimist than most gamers.

Masterchef20072604d ago

Heres playstation rewards in case anyone asks. I prefer play station rewards cause they can reward you by just playing games. But you have to spend money on either in order to rack up a lot of points.

Wikkid6662604d ago

This program is new?? I've been in the rewards program for over a year now.

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