Are We Paying For Unfinished Games? (Fable III Patch Details) -StickTwiddlers

Fable III gets it’s first big patch update today which the majority of heroes are saying is long overdue.

However Fable III is definitely not alone in ‘buggy as hell’ department with other AAA titles such as long awaited sequel Fallout:New Vegas and FPS favourite Call Of Duty: Black Ops also receiving plenty of feedback from gamers about technical problems.

Are gamers paying full price for what is essentially an unfinished game?

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The Matrix2786d ago

Yes we are but we aren't going to stop buying games and it isn't going to change.

otherZinc2786d ago


Don't forget that. GT5 came ready made with 800 unfinished cars, flat trees, & tracks that they aren't going to fix.

nickjkl2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

what now we are calling graphic choices unfinished

who about we remove the 800 cars in a patch would that help you like the game

HarukoHex2785d ago

well sony removed linux, it wouldn't surprise me if they started removing other things. like gamepla~~~~ oh wait they already removed that from MGS4. ma bad.

Wanyal2786d ago

"Oh, we'll fix it in a patch"

"Oh, we'll add more content with DLC" < Lionhead are guilty with this one, DLC less than a month after the game releases is ridiculous.

It's stupid.

StickTwiddlers2786d ago

The only devs I think have gotten DLC right this year is BioWare.
Mass Effect 2 DLC was released at a reasonable pace and the content is mostly high quality (ignoring the weapon packs).

Lovable2786d ago

Red dead Redemption? They did pretty good with DLC.

T9X692786d ago

I agree with Loveable, I just picked up the Undead Nightmare Collection since I traded RDR awhile back, and I have to say it's pretty awesome. Took me around 7 hours to finish the story, and now working on 100%. It's kind of sad that Rockstar's DLC last longer than most SP games these days.

Vaud-Villian2786d ago

But the content in the DLC is nothing that the core game suffers without. Noones beef with Fable III was lack of content. Sure there are plenty of problems, but that wasnt one of them. Launch DLC (aside from music games) is inexcusable but within a month DLC is perfectly fine, vote with your dollars (or lack thereof) and companies will see if its a profitable venture or not. Argueing about its existence because a false sense of entitlement isnt the answer.

Mottsy2786d ago

Rockstar DLC is always amazing. One of the few companies who put alot of time and money in their games and dont leave you feeling like u just got scammed at the end of the night.

sp1deynut2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Bethesda was one of the first devs to dip their proverbial toe into the mysterious, stinky pool, originally known as "downloadable content". They learned A LOT from the now-infamous "horse armor" debacle (should have just been free, since it was really just for test purposes anyway, and nobody would have complained). After that, however, they picked up where they left off with the other ES games, and released some excellent expansions (as well as some nice add-on content like the Orrery and Frostcrag Spire), and continued that tradition with the Fallout games. The only devs to really get DLC right so far, are Bethesda, Rockstar, GearBox and BioWare. Pretty much all other games that have DLC, seem to be lacking content to begin with, so it feels like you're paying for something that should have been included on the disc...or a 2nd disc even. The way I see it, if a game is $60 new, and can't provide at least 10-20 hrs of legit gameplay, first play through, then DLC should be free.

sleepy32786d ago

Its the way it is these days. Publishers force developers to release games before they are done. GT5 I think is a good example of that.

We live in the age of release today, patch tomorrow gaming.

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