Why SHIFT 2: Unleashed owes as much to Resident Evil as Gran Turismo

VGD writes: "Other games have done night racing – Gran Turismo does night racing – but it’s not really night racing, it’s just the same environment but darker. But in our night races we don’t put great big floodlights on the corners, we don’t put great big flashing chevrons telling you which way to go. The headlights are like [Resident Evil's] flashlight, and you’re going into the corner completely blind, you’re going into the darkness."

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Quagmire2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Sweet, sounds awesome. Love how they're aiming to replicate the intensity of experiencing a race as a driver.

dirigiblebill2788d ago

I think the SHIFT franchise is doomed to remain an acquired taste - most racing game fans can do without the bumps and buffets, basically. Loved the first myself.