Imageepoch's new games + NIS America: what it may or may not mean (plus videos and scans)

Trailers and news of three Imageepoch RPGs, and some speculation as to what, if anything, this means in conjunction with the recent news of NIS America and Imageepoch getting all buddylike.

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imoutofthecontest2757d ago

Cautiously optimistic, I guess. Imageepoch has made some middle-of-the-road TRPGs (Luminous Arc) but also some reeeeal stinkers (Arc Rise Fantasia)....

Neckbear2756d ago

Arc Rise Fantasia wasn't bad. Hell, it was a good game with a great combat system and awesome difficulty.

Ignition's localization, though, was horrible. Beyond horrible, dare I say.

imoutofthecontest2756d ago

I suppose that's true that the devs aren't responsible for a foreign translation so you've got a point there.

knifefight2756d ago

I'm curious about Last Ranker.