Biggest Gaming Disappointments of 2010

AOTF: 2010 was full of great games. Regarded as one of the biggest years in gaming's history we saw a ton of them. With those great games, came disappointments, and memorable experiences. These are our biggest gaming disappointments of 2010 in no particular order.

Microsoft E3 2010 - Microsoft's unveiling of a paltry number of exclusives coming to the console beyond 2011 was one of the biggest disappointments that a gamer can have. Seeing the future of the console you bought, and realizing that there isn't much to look forward to.

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math2641d ago

I have to say I agree with most, except for Gran Turismo. I think the only ones that weren't happy with GT5 are the reviewers. Who should be fired from their respected gaming publications and sent to write about something that they are more enthusiastic about. Which if you can't get out of bed for Gt5 and put together a review that doesn't basically just go with the crowd or put hits on your server, then you're not a gamer. Your just some schmoe who got a plush job and isn't doing it very well.

FanboyAttack2641d ago

The bigger the game, the bigger the hype, the more advantageous it is for people to say negative things for attention. Everysite does it to some degree. Afterall, the more controversial the subject matter the more likely someone is to click on it. The more money that website makes. Basic stuff. Plus, reviews are only someone's opinion thats what metacritic is for you can look at a bunch of differnt opinions and see if you like what you hear or not. Usually you find some very common complaints. The real problem is just that people are lazy. So when a big site like IGN says a game is crap everyone jumps on the bandwagon after they see what kind of response they are getting.


heavy rain is a classic and one of the best games ever made

as for gt5 i cannot comment as i havnt got it yet

and why did this site basically list every 360 exclusive this year?

Ducky2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

I think IndigoProphecy/Fahrenheit was the one that created the genre.

...but yea, I didn't think it belonged to the list.
As a matter of principle, I like any game that tries something different. Even if it fails, at least it does something new or different to add variety to the industry. (First Assassins Creed is a good example)

Though, as with most lists, it is subjective.

TheBlackSmoke2641d ago

All these sites are just putting out disappointment lists so that they can say gt5 and then incur the wrath of PS3 owners because gt5 is the hot topic rght now. Its quite pathetic imho.

The game is still by far the best in its genre. If you dont like it its probably not meant for you in the first place.

T9X692641d ago

The only thing I can agree with on this list is MS E32010 and Crackdown 2. Crackdown 2 was only a disappointment because it felt like almost nothing was changed, it was still a great game, but a disappointment. FFXIII I can't say as I never played, but the rest of the list is garbage. Heavy Rain was freaking amazing, and Fable 3 was awesome. What a joke list.

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jriquelme_paraguay2641d ago

all games disappoint some ones...
This is a very subjetive opinion, and i think is just for Flame Bait... putting Black Ops, or GT5

math2641d ago

I bought Black Ops for Ps3, boy was I disappointed.

CompanionCube2641d ago

What Treyarch did to PS3 owners is unforgivable.

Cenobia2641d ago

I did the same, and I'm not disappointed. I've had no problems with it and it is a thousand times better than MW2.

antz11042641d ago

[email protected]: True, I agree.

@Karnov: LOL at your disagrees: NO,YOU LIKED IT.

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avengers19782641d ago

Delays--damn there were so many this year.
Splinter Cell--why no PS3 version. I played ever other one on my playstation console, but not the new one, come on!
Red Dead-- I might be the only one that didn't like this game. I found alot of the extra stuff to do stupid and a waste of time.
Move/Kinect--both kinda dropped the ball with good games for there new motion gaming, plus if they only would have come out with this stuff when they launched there systems there would probably be no Wii, or at least it wouldn't have seen such huge numbers(IMO)

Simco8762641d ago

Wisdom on N4G? This is the best thing I have seen on this site. Totally agree!

Heavy Rain was an enjoyable experience though!

UnoMoment02641d ago

You agree with most but not GT? *gasp* Shocker!

gamerdude1322641d ago

So God forbid reviewers have an opinion because it isn't yours, right?

callahan092641d ago

Every Gran Turismo fan I know has bought GT5 and is loving it to death and they were OFFENDED at the notion of someone calling it a disappointment. Hah. Critics are disconnected from gamers. They look at things in a different way. Critics are irrelevant.

Matthew942641d ago

Critics are irrelevant.
you are being critical of critics
you are a critic
you are irrelevant

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kenlawson2641d ago

LeeRoy Jenkins LMMFAO at what? Alan Wake was a decent game. But like the article says it got over hyped and delayed too many times.. just like Gran Turismo

TheRealMorganWebb2641d ago

I think you forgot MAG. MAG was a bad game.

poe2641d ago

MAG was a bad game? MAG was..hell still is great fun. It's a little rough around the edges but it's not BAD. Go back to super mario DA

PlayerX2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

It doesn't get much better then MAG.

Armyntt2641d ago

Agree MAG wasnt bad but it was far from great. It was avg at best. I only say avg because of the amount of players it CAN play at once. But still an avg game.

NJShadow2641d ago

I agree with everything on that list, except for Heavy Rain. Heavy Rain sold well as was a one-of-a-kind experience. I personally didn't care for the game, but it wasn't a disappointment.

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