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pedrami912790d ago

Well, atleast people wont confuse this one with the PSP2.

Blacktric2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Well, it's not gonna be a full fledged PSP Phone anyway. At least that's what the latest rumours were suggesting. They said phone will not have support for PSP games but it'll have its own library from classic PlayStation titles like Tekken and they'll be priced around 10 dollars and will be made specifically for the device. Shame.

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Red_Orange_Juice2790d ago

of course a phone wont play PSP2 games

Blacktric2790d ago

I'm sorry but are you blind? I said PSP games not PSP2. And they could've gave it an access for PSP library via PlayStation Store.

Ju2790d ago

A psp phone will most likely not run current psp games - unless it will run some sort of psp emulator. Not sure if current phones are fast enough to do that yet. This psp phone is an Android based device running an Arm cpu while the psp is a Mips machine. Not binary compatible.

Z7772790d ago

hmm well now that you mention that, it might also be able to play ps minis.It would be a great way to expand the ps minis market... I would really not mind haveing that phone if it does get minis, then i'll be able to play android games, ps1 games, psp minis and if the phone is rooted then nintendo and other emulators which would worked EVEN BETTER on the psp phone!

Tachyon_Nova2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

The PSP is 6 years old, of course modern phones like the iPhone can handle PSP quality graphics. Look at rage on iPhone, that unreal engine based game, real racing and many others for an example.

From reports weve seen that the PSP has (from my memory someone may wanna check them) a ~ 700mhz processor with around 32mb ram. iPhone 4 has 1ghz processor and more ram/graphics ram.

Edit: after research it seems the PSP only has a 333mhz processor, and yeah, 32mb ram

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Death24942790d ago

I thought i saw the wave from the psp/ps3 xmb when he went to unlock the phone at the very end.

Hideo_Kojima2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

I always use TechBlogGR for mobile phone reviews I trust them...

Edit: Its not Xperia X10 people you can see that this phone and the picture of the PSP phone is identical... the only thing we can't see is if the image had a photoshoped sliding gamepad added to it.

Sevir042790d ago

the Xperia did. but this looks more like a galaxy phone than anything! i want a better picture to make judgements

Zydake2790d ago

i don't think its the PSP phone.. the guy didn't bother to slide the phone it can be another phone for all we know.

TheLastGuardian2790d ago

What a waste of time. If they really had a PS Phone they would've been showing it off not looking at it themselves. Face buttons or it didn't happen. Sony wouldn't let this thing be leaked.

Qui-Gon Jim2789d ago

...Sony could very well - and probably would - have internal people testing this in the field. Those people would not be showing it off because they would lose their job if they did.

Remember how the iPhone 4 got leaked? One of Apple's people left it laying around somewhere before it was announced.

I do totally agree, though, that without showing something more substantive, this video is a waste of time.

xAlmostPro2790d ago

it wont run PSP games because its not a PSP phone.. its a playstation phone lol difference

Vherostar2790d ago

Hmm any proof thats the playstation phone though?? Just could be a new model of a regular android phone you don't see anything that shows its a PS Phone..

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Peppino72790d ago

This just makes me want the psp2 even more!

AwesomeJizz2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Can someone please link the video? I hate that site

@Below, thank you very much

mjolliffe2790d ago

I think the video's a load of tosh, and I hate this site.

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