2010 – The winners and losers

The games industry isn’t a school sports day – it’s not the taking part that counts. Winning is everything. And pointing out the losers is important too. Here’s X360's rundown of the biggest winners and losers of the year. Please feel free to argue vehemently about it…

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Counter Strike2604d ago

with 10M sold 1st week Activision is sadly the big winner...

sp1deynut2604d ago

...but Bobby Kotick is still the world's biggest loser. :o

RedDragan2603d ago



pangitkqb2603d ago

A shockingly honest list. Typically these things are as biased as a college football fan, but this one was good, even pointing out that public unpopularity doesn't mean a company isn't raking in the money. Damn you Activision.

DavePSU2604d ago

How can Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo be Winners? Lol. What is this, Little League where 8th place gets a trophy?

koehler832604d ago

It's business, not a sports ladder. Can Apple and Microsoft not both be successful? Coke and Pepsi? Any other two competitors from other realms of business?

DavePSU2603d ago

Winners and Losers implies that it is a competition, which means that you can only have one real winner. This isn't an article entitled "Successful and Unsuccessful."

All three companies didn't produce on the same level as one another. Obviously one had to have had a better year than the other two because the ability for all three to have the same year is astronomically impossible.

It doesn't matter which you pick as a winner, but have some balls and pick one winner and stand by it.

pangitkqb2603d ago

That or just be a big complainer about a surprisingly honest and candid piece. Way to bring that Positive energy! ;)

Immortal3212604d ago

im sorry but the real winners are these big time corporate businesses. All they sold us was the same old game with different names. we rarely see the action adventures, and the 3d/2d platform games. If gamers are winners.... lets just say they only bought the games that truly defines gaming. "IMO"

DoomeDx2603d ago

Xbox360 is the winner because its a million sales ahead of the PS3?
Also because Halo reach en mass effect sold like crazy?

Lol pathetic.
Oh wait, Xbox360magazine. nvm

hoops2603d ago

Can someone please drop an Anvil on Bobby Kotick head

Ducky2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

What good would that do? He's already past dementia.

DoomeDx2603d ago

It would do the wallets of a lot of people good.

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