Ni no Kuni review - 38/40 in Famitsu

ONM: The first Ni no Kuni DS review has landed in Famitsu, with the Japanese magazine awarding Level 5's new RPG 38 out of 40.

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sayonara892451d ago

Awesome, I hope this game will be released in NA/EU.

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DaThreats2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

They have announce, that they will already...I think

zeddy2450d ago

the game reminds me of the whispered world in terms of art and if its half as good as that game its going to be a day one.

Zezo2451d ago

Level-5 + Studio Ghibli + Joe Hisaishi + PS3 = sold

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DarkFantasy2450d ago

who doesn't love Studio Ghibli they do amazing work.

UNCyrus2450d ago

This review is only the DS version

Acquiescence2450d ago

Which means the PS3 version will be even better!

Hiruma Youchi2450d ago

Remember. ''Famitsu Reviews arent reliable'' coming from the mouth of N4G's people over older reviews of games.

SuperKing2450d ago

Cannot f**king wait. I got all of Studio Ghibli's movies and they are so incredible. I've been waiting anxiously for the PS3 version and it looks like a it was worth it.

Really smart to do it on DS and PS3. Hopefully it's successful overseas too, Studio Ghibli can count on my sale.

bananlol2450d ago

Studio ghibli >> disney

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