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Sony: You can't keep PlayStation Plus Premium Content; You Can Still Keep DLC

CORRECTION: James Thorpe himself has come out and said on the EU Playstation Blog that Eurogamer is in fact wrong. You can find the link below and the explanation below.


Update: Eurogamer has this wrong. You DO get to keep the DLC and add-ons to games that you acquire through Playstion Plus. However, Premium game content will expire when your subscription runs out. An example of Premium game content is the Private Member Club in Playstation Home. This will not be accessible if you cancel your subscription. They hope to bring more content like this in the future. However, your game add-ons/dlc/themes/avatars are safe. (PS3, Sony, Tag Invalid)

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yoghurt  +   1699d ago
Still a great deal IMO, I have had more than the value easily already in discounts etc
LORD-PHOENIX  +   1699d ago
i disagree...if its a 'rental' service then say so
.. basically after your subscription which you paid for runs out your back to square one..
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Raendom  +   1699d ago
NO. It also provides early access and betas. :)

I know betas should be free but that KZ3 beta... I'd have paid money for, it's THAT good.
trounbyfire   1699d ago | Immature | show
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1699d ago
"your back to square one.."

Not true. If your account ends you won't be able to access your plus content but even if you renew your account a year later all your content will be restored.
yess  +   1699d ago
It's very easy.

Just keep your subscription at all time, you lose nothing.
What's the problem?

Game on...
MiloGarret  +   1699d ago
It's very easy.

Just never start subscribing. Use that money to actually buy (rather than rent) the content you want.
What's the problem?

Game on...
yess  +   1699d ago
But you can't buy early Beta's and discount's.

That's a problem!

Game on...
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fei-hung  +   1699d ago
on the flipside, if you continue getting silly amounts of content and beta give aways every month, then y wud u not sign up? in affect, you would keep the subscribtion and therefore all the content.
Hideo_Kojima  +   1699d ago
Reminds me of OnLive...

Do I at list keep my themes?
BattleAxe  +   1699d ago
Unless Sony allows you to keep everything you get even if you decide not to renew your subscription, its not something I'll buy into. Currently I only have 3 or 4 people on my friends list that have PS+.
Grenadan  +   1699d ago
more like glorified rental service
mushroomwig  +   1699d ago
Of course it's a rental service, that's been obvious since day one. It doesn't change the fact that you're still getting a good deal.
UnoMoment0   1699d ago | Trolling | show
Larry L   1699d ago | Offensive
fei-hung  +   1699d ago
how is it glorified when you get a lot more then rentals?

You get to keep content. not all of it but quiet a bit of it and you get early access to beta's along with several discount oppertunites which you also get to keep.
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1699d ago
If I remember correctly They said that before ps plus was released. If your subscription ends so does the content.
lodossrage  +   1699d ago
they did say that from the start
But people want to act as if this is "new" for something else to rag on ps plus about.
LiquifiedArt  +   1699d ago
Lose only "FREE" content.

This does not apply to any discounted items.
Free XMB Themes
Free Avatars

The above are yours forever.
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UnoMoment0  +   1699d ago
: "Each month there will be two
dynamic themes, two premium
avatars and premium game
elements/add-ons for you to
download and many of these will be
exclusive to members only.
"These are yours to keep forever
once you have downloaded them."
Looks like you DON'T remember correctly. Did you even read the article or did you see the headline and go into Damage Control Mode?
lodossrage  +   1699d ago
Who says he doesn't remember?

It's been in the Faq for plus from the beginning.

Anyone that read the faq knows what you keep and what you don't.

Right from the start (for those that actually READ the faq for ps plus), you were told:

-ANYTHING you bought at a discount via ps plus you KEEP. INCLUDING game dlc you BOUGHT at a discount

-ANYTHING you downloaded FREE you lost. With the EXCEPTION of themes and avatars

Do you HAVE ps + or do you automatically go into troll mode.
UnoMoment0   1699d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Big Frank   1699d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(6)
Peppino7  +   1699d ago
You should be able to keep your purchases. Especially since you're basically paying for* coupons* up front. If anything you should be offered to pay the difference with the things you bought when you're membership expires, not lose everything.
playboi28  +   1699d ago
Did you even read the article? Anything you pay for, you keep and do not have to pay any difference. The only thing you can't keep is full games that are free downloads with the subscription service.
NeoBasch  +   1699d ago
What do you mean "still?" Honestly I don't understand the headline either. Sony had always said we couldn't keep any of the free content (other than themes, and avatars - mainly we can't keep free games; not for sure about the minis). We have to renew our subscriptions to continue using the content. Besides, you can keep the DLC. This doesn't make any sense.

There was never any "honest mistake." Everything they said still holds true. Any content you pay for that's discounted through PS+, you keep as well. Such as Crash 3, which went for $3.00 a couple months ago. You'll be able to keep that if you bought it when it was discounted.
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The-Tentacle  +   1699d ago
PS plus is an awesome deal, with much more than your monies worth of content.

PS1 games
Dynaminc themes
Special Offers
Priority Beta Access
PSN games

all for £40/$50!
Zir0  +   1699d ago
And after your subscription is up they all go bye bye.
ExPresident  +   1699d ago
Not everything disappears.

Any Themes or items you purchase that have a discount you keep forever. I've already saved a bunch of money on discounted items that I'll never lose.
Thegamer41  +   1699d ago
Well yea. It can be exploited easy imo so Sony did the right thing. If someone subscribes for a year JUST to download everything for free or at a discount, they will not keep their subscription updated.
trounbyfire  +   1699d ago
everything you keep but the ps3 games and it would seem dlc but everything else is yours
DoomeDx  +   1699d ago
Dude they already said this on E3..
NecrumSlavery   1699d ago | Trolling | show
TheMART  +   1699d ago
Well the DLC to keep was the reason I got PS+, so I just put this reaction on the EU blog. I wouldn't have gotten PS+ without it, so the deal actually changes from what I thought I would get offered.

'Honest mistake' deluded me in my buy. Do not want it anymore like this, thus:

"“”Premium game elements and add-ons are not part of the core monthly content… incorrect… honest mistake…”. Your mistake makes my view on the deal, if I’d knew it at that time, turn around on what I’m getting and paying for.

Thus as is written in several laws: if the seller makes an offer, and the buyer agrees on the offering and the price a deal is made. If the seller on purpose or mistake makes an error in the offering, which the buyer couldn’t know about, and the seller changes the offering after the buy there is a shortcoming in the execution of the service. In that case, the buyer can ask for a partly restitution of the original price paid or can choose to end the agreement/service where the seller has to return the total amount of money paid for the service/product.

For a large share I’m disappointed in my buy. Maybe I would want to stay PS+ member, but it depends on the partial restitution or offer you make me as this is not the service/product I thought to buy made by your ‘mistake’ or better said wrong information that got me deluded in buying PS+.

I want a personal reaction on this. The DLC to keep was the reason I bought PS+, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten it…"

I would have bought the Motorstorm 2 DLC and Killzone 2 maps by myself otherwise but was thinking to have a better deal if it were given to me by PS+. SIGH! Now its not for me to keep, just a rental. FUUUUUUUUUU SONY!
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LORD-PHOENIX   1699d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(2)
lodossrage  +   1699d ago
I don't get this from you mart
"Well the DLC to keep was the reason I got PS+, so I just put this reaction on the EU blog. I wouldn't have gotten PS+ without it, so the deal actually changes from what I thought I would get offered. "

If any of you actually READ and Listened. They TOLD everyone that the game dlc that you obtained FREE would go if your sub ran out. They said that the themes, avatars, and games and dlc you BOUGHT AT A DISCOUNT would stay.

Long Story short:

free games + free game dlc- go when sub goes

discounted games+ discounted game dlc +free avatars +free themes+ free wallpapers= you KEEP even after sub runs out

All this was explained from the very beginning. Why people are acting like this is "new" or hard to understand is beyond me
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playboi28  +   1699d ago
The DLC does not go when your subscription runs out. Only full games do. They tell you this whe you download it in the beginning.
visualb  +   1699d ago
they did...it was mentioned that once subscription ran out access to all the stuff would be blocked

its PS+ content...

its like saying when you stop paying for XBL you lose access to the net

or else people would exploit it (get sub for one product, buy the stuff, never sub again = loss)

hey, its not perfect but whom ever expected it to be the other way around are just dreaming

to me, PS+ isn't worth it, but i'm not going to bash it just because I don't agree with it, its just not for me

if you are willing to dish out 60+$ for internet or you're willing to dish out 60$+ for extra content, enjoy, its your money!

I personally don't like subscription payments =|
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koehler83  +   1699d ago
It tells you this every time you download any content from PS+
Shmotz  +   1699d ago
If it's Free you dont keep it if you dont renew your subscription. If you pay any form of money it's yours forever.
falloutx  +   1699d ago
I want to get PS+ but I want either Hulu plus or Netflix free with the subscription.
Baka-akaB  +   1699d ago
I wastn even aware they said otherwise ... wich is why i never subscribed
darkpower  +   1699d ago
I'm confused. Do they mean the discounted stuff?
lodossrage  +   1699d ago
they mean the FREE games and dlc. NOT the discounted games and dlc.

If you BOUGHT the game dlc or game you still KEEP those even if your sub runs out
Nivalis  +   1699d ago | Helpful
The title is misleading to be honest, it's add on elements for PlayStation Home that you do not get to keep, things you snagged free like ACTUAL GAME DLC, eg, the fallout 3 dlc, will still be accessable when your account expires.
Captain Tuttle  +   1699d ago
I don't know what to believe about Plus anymore.
Masterchef2007  +   1699d ago
i will stick to my free multiplayer thank you very much
Troll_Police   1699d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
R_aVe_N   1699d ago | Spam
cruncher_20  +   1699d ago
You can check my history and yes I'm a Sony fan... (not fanboy) I just like the game they produce and the quality of hardware (controllers, etc...)

I bought PS+ because I trusted Sony that PS+ will be a real Add-on service...

But I am disappointed and I don't feel like a + member. For me, + is a Fail :(...
ShinnokDrako  +   1699d ago
Was i the only one that knew this? Since they explained the service before it came out and this is just another article to bash Sony. At least this smells like it, to me. After months of the service... ppl don't know the service?!?
Eh, the ignorance...

Btw, it offers more than i'm paying since i download about everything. If ppl rarely download things then no need to subscribe and then complain. Sadness.
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joeorc  +   1699d ago
if your subscription ends
you loose access to it, but if you renew your subscription you do infact get access to the content again..so no you do not loose it, you only can access it though while you have playstation + account.


What happens to the content you get once your subscription ends?

Anything you buy with the exclusive discounts including exclusive add-ons, avatars and themes will be yours to keep. If you sign up for a year and download LittleBigPlanet, that’s yours to keep too.

However, the content you get for free (or, at least, included within the price) with the service, such as the minis and so-on will only work as long as you are a member of PlayStation Plus.

Do you get your games back if you re-subscribe at a later date?



please troll for some more $$$ we just cannot get enough trolling...lol
maxcer  +   1699d ago
so you get stuck in a perpetual loop of buying PSN+ even if you don't want the service that month. just to retain the free games/dlc that attracted you to the service in the first place.

and some of us didn't know this, thanks for the heads up Eurogamer.
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despair  +   1699d ago
doesn't change anything, at least not for me.
dead_eye  +   1699d ago
Oh well I'd rather pay for ps+ as a rental service than pay to play online.
joeorc  +   1699d ago
well getting stuck in a loop..hmmm no, no loop there
For some dinging any service is justified even though it's completely optional.

you are not stuck in a loop

read it again..good god.

anything you "purchase" you keep, even with no PSN+ account..even when its discounted..anything they give you that's free unless they say that you can keep it ..you will only get access to the free PSN+ mini's and Games while you have the account active if at a later time you reactivate you get access to it again.

you would not expect for them to give you all free games right?
no service set up this way would.

it's set to if you are active PSN+ member your getting freebies that reg. psn user's cannot even get without paying for it anyway. but you can play games that we would have to pay for.

you want to keep the content without PSN+ you have to purchase it, but in the mean time you can still play that content..why would you expect to keep paid content without paying for it..?

but..but my PSN+ account should cover that, it does you get free content and preview play on paid content...you are able to play full content paid games for as long as you maintain your psn+ but even still if you let it lapse, you can still get access to it again , you just have to reactivate your PSN+ service.
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Raoh   1699d ago | Trolling | show
SuperStrokey1123  +   1699d ago
I dont see why pages like eurogamer and edge are even popular, they have obvious bias and screw up all the time and wont retract it.

Come on people.
gamingisnotacrime  +   1699d ago
to all those complaining as usual
buy the games and dont get ps plus, is optional and nobody will care what you do with your money.
im ps plus and i think is well worth the money. only downside is that in reality i dont have the time to play all the content, but is there when wanted
STOP COMPLAINING enough of this bs
Garnett  +   1699d ago
I got gamefly, why would i need PS +?

(Rental service)
SuperStrokey1123  +   1699d ago
I wasnt aware that gamefly got you "free" (not really but you know what i mean) psn games...

They are not comparable services
EskiJoe  +   1699d ago
First of all, you don't >need< gamefly - you don't >need< PS+

But to give reasons:
Discounts on stuff, free dynamic themes, free dlc and free avatars.

Using your analogy: the rental could be equivalent to the minis and ps1 games - those that are made unavailable after subscription ends.

So if you only rented minis and ps1 games i guess you wouldn't 'need' ps+...
Garnett  +   1699d ago
Once your subscription ends, all the stuff you got is taken back..
beast242tru  +   1699d ago
i dnt care what people say soo what if content is kept until new renewal its still a great deal and its just thier way of making sure you come back for more xbox live if u dnt renew you wnt get the online that u had all along dnt get fb and twitter etc so everyone has thier way of makeing consumer come for more no biggie
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XRider  +   1699d ago
That kinda sucks
Jamito  +   1699d ago
yeah Its funny because Im still able to play all of my DLC and downloaded games: Wipeout HD, Pinball and others....
TheLastGuardian  +   1699d ago
Wait, If you get a few bucks off of a game you lose the game when your subscription runs out or do you only lose free stuff?
despair  +   1699d ago
no only free stuff like DLC and games, you keep the things you actually purchase even with a discount
jack who  +   1699d ago
Horny Melon  +   1699d ago
This is exactly why I don't buy digital content. You never really own it.
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