What PC gamers want for Christmas (but probably won’t get)

Ironhammers writes: While all the other PC gaming websites are making some rather useful gift guides this year, I thought I’d take a look at something a little different — the things us PC gamers would die for this holiday season, but almost definitely will not be receiving. Here’s my top 5...

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imvix2762d ago

1. Cross region Starcraft 2 would be good but probably wont happen.
2. Why would any of us want a xbox 360 built into our PC gaming rigs? Most Xbox exclusives are already on the PC. The ones that arent really dont matter lol.
3. We can only hope Games for windows disappears, on the bright side most Devs have dropped support for GFWL.
4.Console gamers would cry if there was crossplatform play, Mouse keyboard is just too much of an advantage. Beside PC gamers wouldnt like console kiddies screaming all over the network.
5.HL2 E3 one can only dream for now. Well atleast we are getting portal 2 soon ;-)

mrv3212762d ago

I want less choice... wait hear me out.

At the moment, AMD in my opinion make WAAAAAAAAY too many cards, and I'm seeing intels list starting to balloon. I think each should do 3 CPU's.

1. Average PC person ( internet an HD video watching ) so the i3
2. Gaming a good CPU but nothing fancy so the i5
3. Video editor CPU so the i7

But without the i5 51054.B think, a mobile card for each would be fine also.

The same goes for GPU's the reason being?

1. Price would drastically drop, I mean like blumet.
2. More optimization

Those two things would be great... wouldn't you also like a new GPU costing like $150 instead of $300.

fossilfern2762d ago

I just want the TDP GPUs to go down considerably but still retain raw performance but thats only a dream :(

CrzyFooL2762d ago

Dual GTX 580's!!!

You hear me Grandma!?

Arup022762d ago

#4 - So long as you can afford the price of $7,799 for the most basic of configurations.


mrv3212762d ago

I payed $750 for a rig that could play Starcraft 2 on high at 60FPS+ so... yeah, PC gaming is cheaper than most expect.

What you need.

1. Any core i5 really
2. Motherboard
3. HD5770
6. 600W

And you have a fully working PC for less than $1000 which will play pretty much EVERY game on high.

Arup022762d ago

My pc was so cheap, and i can play any game on max.

QuadCore AMD Phenom II X4 945, 3000 MHz (15 x 200)
Asus M2N68-AM SE2
4GB Ram
Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bits.

Only Nasa and Pixar have a computer worth more than 7000. This is madness.

Thecraft19892762d ago

avoid the HD5770/5750 both suffer from constant crashes (weird colored crashes ). My uncle Has had to send 52 5750 5770 42 that he sold a few weeks ago. All the cards he bought are getting replaced with 6 series cards.

mrv3212762d ago

Ah, my HD5750 has a heat sink issue :P

So I'm getting a GT330m, I'd rather mobile gaming for various lans.

I Call 9MM2762d ago

I think cross-platform play needs to come out, especially with co-op style games like L4D and Borderlands. This is an area where Co-op would truly shine, as the competition angle is very different.

With Valve bringing Steam to the PS3, we may see some games that will begin supporting this in the future. Co-Op play in Portal 2 might be cross-platform, PC/PS3/Mac? That would be something intersting to try out.

I enjoy my 360, but looking back I really think Microsoft shot themselves a big ol' hole in the foot all those years ago when they decided not help support Valve when they where first coming out with Steam. Now they are moving on to Sony it seems. Loosen up those Live restrictions, and bring on the Co-op fun, and maybe then bring on some competitive multiplayer action as well.

nnotdead2762d ago

Valve isn't bring Steam but Steamworks. which includes: "auto updates, community features, downloadable content, and more." really just a spit in the face of MS for making them charge for stuff on Live.

Newtype2762d ago

This is lame as hell, I can't get my nvidia 580 now since I just bought a replacement PS3. I'll probably get it late december now, freaking lame.

Benjamin_Franklin2762d ago

I'll tell you one thing they wont get.....GT5. Sorry but we PS3 gamers get all that HD glory

Triggs2762d ago

We got a PS3 for that, too.

Substance1012761d ago

Doesnt cost much to own a PS3 for one. Though after looking at what Sony has done to the game, 800 poor looking cars dont think i am missing out on anything.

Rather its the PS3 users missing out on So many games being in Low res and low FPS.

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