Get 400MS points... by spending over 53 million dollars

Microsoft is currently running a promotion to get 400MS points free with the purchase of two qualifying XBLA titles between December 1, 2010 12:01 AM EST and December 20, 2010 11:59 PM EST. To qualify for this offer, one must download the Hot Arcade Offer Gamer Picture Pack; simple enough right?

What should be simple is made much more complicated by an initially negative cost and a later price tag of over 53 million dollars.

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Ghoul2546d ago

i wonder what would have happend if you would be one of the few people to have a black or diamond visa card, it would have balanced it :)

BakedGoods2546d ago

Good 'ole Microsoft. When they're not charging you to play online they're maxing out your credit cards for some 'Hot' picture packs.

seinfan2546d ago

32-bit signed number.
-1 in 32 bits signed = 4294967295 in 32 bits unsigned
yay for freshman year of computer engineering

Hideo_Kojima2546d ago

Thats the largest number you can possibly enter in a 32bit system right?

seinfan2545d ago

Yep. All 1s.

Christopher2546d ago

Black Cards don't offer unlimited credit, just an extremely high limit that would seem 'unlimited' by most. The benefit with black cards are the customer benefits you obtain.

T9X692546d ago

This happened when the Fable 3 DLC was first put on the marketplace. It's not 53 million either, it's $53,687,091 :)

CaptainMarvelQ82546d ago

i guess MS are so obsessed with wanting a 53 billion profit where they're charging anything for it

Hideo_Kojima2546d ago

Imagine after you pay your told:
Thank you for your payment.

We will use the $53mil to get 2 more exclusive DLC packs for Call of Duty Black Ops.

muzzy2546d ago

I heard Ballmer bought one for his kids as a Christmas gift.

Vortex3D2546d ago

Does that mean max limit of MS Points someone can load is $53 million bucks?

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