3D Console Gaming Test: Gran Turismo 5 3D

A couple of weeks ago Techradar checked out Call Of Duty: Black Ops in 3D, to see how the biggest game of all time furthered the nascent cause of domestic 3D playback. And they came away feeling less than impressed.

On paper, though, new PS3 racing blockbuster Gran Turismo 5 has a much better chance of delivering the 3D goods.

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raztad2791d ago

The few reviews of GT5 3D are very very positive. So wish I could afford a 3D TV set right now. At some point next year, hope around KZ3 launch.

GrandTheftZamboni2790d ago

I bought a 3D TV yesterday and Super Stardust looks out of this world, I can imagine how GT5 would look like in 3D. They didn't have it in store :(