Gran Turismo 5 damage patch coming in December

CVG: A new Gran Turismo 5 patch designed to improve aspects of the game's damage modelling will be released later this month.

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DevilsJoker2732d ago

Not bad, I'd expect a japanise game like this to think it was perfect and not bother with an update like western games tend to. But serious respect to them for listening to reviews!

forcefullpower2732d ago

I think you are getting wrong side of what they mean by damage. Most review moan about the body damage being naff. But that is because they are not at a high enough level to get the full body damage.

The patch they are releasing is for mechanical damage. So that is engine, axels, tires, gearbox. Stuff like that.

BIGBOSS082732d ago

lets just wait for the patch and see. shouldnt be long now.

acedoh2732d ago

I don't think this is something they just planned based on reviews. I think this was something they had planned and part of the reason the game was delayed. They just couldn't get it into place soon enough and there you have it. The public was demanding the game and the reviewers became very harsh on these things. Maybe in the next couple of months these reviewers can take another look at the game and re-evaluate it. I have believed from the start this is a superb game but many reviewers on the other hand have taken issue with some features. We will see what comes of this.

irepbtown2732d ago

Most reviewers already need to re-evaluate. Saying no damage? Wow.

Maybe they're releasing patched because of sony's pressure on PD to release the game?
And so they decided to just patch it up after?
And Us, GT5 gamers, who might have asked for changes.

I dont think reviewers have anything to do with it. IGN have already been spat in the face. Most reviewers have failed.

jjohan352731d ago

This is why I bought the game on Day 1. I use reviews as a gauge to decide on 99% of games I purchase. The 1% exception is GT5 because I knew that like the rest of the GT franchise, features, events, and functions are always added throughout the game's lifetime. So review scores for GT5 will be completely outdated in a matter of weeks or months. While other companies generally only fix bugs and glitches, PD adds features.

I play Forzas and the only time they add features is when they release another retail package for $60. Great game but I do feel a bit shortchanged each time it happens.

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Mizz_mai2732d ago

interesting....yamauchi is humble enough to over compensate for the people who are whining,i bet those people dont even own the game....

BryanBegins2732d ago

I have a question, I don't own the game: as of now, GT5 has VISUAL damages, but no MECHANICAL damages?? Seriously? I was ok with poor visual damage, but I always thought mechanical were there.

So correct me if I'm wrong, but as of now, if you crash, your car displays some scratches (or more if it's a premium car) but keep running perfectly?? Seems to me completely ridiculous for a simulation.

DoomeDx2732d ago

Please, make it awesome.
So the stupid trolls finally shut up.

Sackdude2732d ago

Haters gonna hate.

and 5 mill gamers after Christmas will be playing this awesome game.

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Vesemir2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

I can't wait for this patch, and set the damage as I see fit.

I_C_PEE2732d ago

This game will get better with time. Kudo's to them for listening to the fans.
That said, now that GT5's game engine is in place, the development time for GT6 should be a speedy one.

Vesemir2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Yeah, the physics are already set. Only a bit of improvements here and there now. I can assume that what really have eaten their time was this new physics implementation.

Kinetix2732d ago

This patch isn't for gt fans. They're making this patch for the scrub ass critics and trolls who don't have the skills and patience to enjoy the game.

Dark-Cloud42732d ago

you right .. im happy with the game right now , i don't need that patch but it will be kool if they really put free roam ...... if they just continue puting patches this game will not have any problems and these trollers will shut up ....... PD can make the game they want but they need more tme and they get it now (gt6 ^^)

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