Fable III title update - Full fix list revealed

Brutal Gamer writes:

One of the things, apart from a distaste for the ending, that many have said about Fable III is that it has some game crippling bugs. Well Lionhead have been hard at work to address these problems and today release the title update on Xbox Live.

Unlike the announced impending release note earlier today we now have a full list of fixes on the site.

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moosehound2666d ago

looks like they've taken the complaints seriously and fixed quite a lot. Shame they made it thru QA in the first place but I suppose time was a constant pressure.

shiftymorgan2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

What about the frame rate issues? They are seriously off putting and ruin the mini games.


Reread it its there.

It had better work..

UnoMoment02667d ago ShowReplies(1)
th3soldier2666d ago

Looks like now I can get my Fable back from a friend and finally get past the "Masquerade" quest. I hope.

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