Mario Galaxy 2 named game of the year

GamesMaster hails Wii sequel 'sheer genius'

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realiks2787d ago

Probably he didn't played BBC2, BO, ACB, RDR.

dannybohy2787d ago

obviously written by a 10 yr old who hasnt played on an Xbox or PC this year. Game of the year claim = Fail

Mini Mario2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Yeh cause only xbox's and Pc's games are actually games.

Damn, than what the hell have i been playing??

ChickeyCantor2787d ago

" Damn, than what the hell have i been playing?? "
Game of the year ?

*drowns himself in porn*

PlayerX2787d ago

Lol Mario Galaxy 2 is the 3rd highest rated games of all time and fanboys still hate. Believe me you will be crying when you see all the Game of the Year awards the game wins.

ddelella2787d ago

It is hard to consider highest "rated" of all-time. There are WAY more gamers in the world now then there ever was back in the day. You can see that in the sales numbers. There is no real way to compare old to new except replay and I know people still replay old games a lot.

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