A look back at the worst video game ad ever: White PSP and how Sony has changed since

"Paul Gale Network looks back at Sony's worst (and most controversial) ad in history, for the White PSP, and compares it to their recent and vastly improved ads in the Kevin Butler line of PlayStation 3 commercials."

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OldSchoolGamer32696d ago

Ouch I can't believe still how stupid that ad was. People thought that Capcom was being edgy with RE5? Man this thing was uncomfortable to look at! Thank god for Kevin Butler!

halojane92696d ago

I never even seen these posters. Did Sony take them out of magazines and billboards fast?

OldSchoolGamer32696d ago

remember when it happenend and a Sony spokesperson claimed that it was purely to show the contrast between the colors and that there was no racial meaning behind it. But smart them they pulled it quickly.

TekkenSmithMachine2696d ago

I'm pretty certain that these ads were only in Europe but I could be wrong.

Government Cheese2696d ago

The ad campaign honestly wasn't racist at all. http://www.armchairempire.c... There were other ads showing the black chick sort of 'attacking' the white chick, so there was no real bias between the races... but unfortunately in todays politically correct world that doesn't matter.

Jackojwang2696d ago

The black woman in the picture looked exactly like my friend's mom but younger. We gave him so much shi7 for it but we felt bad after.

They say that controversy creates cash and that 'there's no such thing as bad publicity' but I beg to differ.

It's stuff like this that taint your image but like the article explains sometimes a company NEEDS to look back on ones' self and take in a little reminder what went wrong before to make sure they don't repeat the mistakes again.

KellyKellyWWE202696d ago

Capcom's problems looked like chump change in comparison!

TonykomatMK2696d ago

Nearly forgot about that POS but yah like other said above: "Sony really has changed for the better." They lost me in early PS3 years with their condescending ways towards us gamers but are now starting to win back my approval.

TonykomatMK2696d ago

Almost forgot to say that I agree with this being the worst ad ever lol. As for best ad ever? I dunno but "she kicks high" from Xbox and the naked girl for Sega Saturn are prob my faves!

KellyKellyWWE202696d ago

For Government Cheese:
The ads weren't racist per se but they were still too close to being racist in the eyes of the obvious in fact..that Sony should have known better before ever giving them the final GO. When you're a promoter or are in any kind of business as have to be reeeeeally careful not to offend any audience you wish to cater to.

Sun_e2696d ago

I never seen any of these ads but am glad to know Sony has improved its image.