GoldenEye creator wants to invent new genres

The creator of classic, Bond-based, N64 shooter GoldenEye has expressed his desire to invent entirely new genres of gaming for his future titles.

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matey2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

Goldeneye creator is he that guy that thought the original wouldnt work but Nintedo beleived in the gameplay yes i knew i was right look Goldeneye creator the new Goldeneye eats and spits ur version out inabit NOT INTERRESTED IN UR NEW GAME AS IT WILL BE 4 360/PS3 im more interested in what Eurocom does with wii next because there Goldeneye is better and its 1 of the best FPS games this gen id say HALO/GOLENEYE/COD best 3 FPS games this gen so bring it on Eurocom i want GOLDENEYE MMO 32-64 players online no campaign just huge massive interactive enviroments using 64 characters from the bond universe with HEADANGER HEADSET ect.