Move and Kinect Sales "Neck and Neck"

According to analysts Eurogamer spoke to last night, Sony has cause for celebration as the motion sensing battle heats up this Christmas.

They stated that the Move sales into retail are "impressive", but insisted comparisons with Kinect are better left until after the dust settles on 2010.

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Vherostar2760d ago

I would wait till 2010 ends too for final numbers. As for sold/shipped please stop the argueing as the only thing that matters to MS and sony are the shipped numbers it impossible to actually track the amount sold to people. I mean you really think those Ebay sellers and department stores report numbers?? No. Use your head all numbers both companys give are numbers sold to retail. Retail will demand more once sold so it's not a problem. There is no way either MS or Sony can truly track ACTUAL SOLD units.

ct032759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

<<Use your head all numbers both companys give are numbers sold to retail.>>

I'm sorry, but how about you use yours? Microsoft is publicly traded on the Nasdaq. All information within a press release HAS to be factual.

So why did they report sell-through data even though they usually report shipped numbers? Probably because at the moment Kinect sales are bottlenecked by how quickly they can be produced. In other words: The shipped number is barely higher than the sell-through number.

joeorc2759d ago

Sunflex USA Distributing snakebyte™ PlayStation Move Accessories

November 19th, 2010 3:16 pm ET

In a press release from today, Sunflex USA has announced they will be releasing a full lineup of snakebyte™ (Final Fantasy XIV controller) PlayStation Move accessories. This will include the Move Motion Controller, the Navigation Controller, and the Snake-Eye Camera, all of which will be compatible with Sony PS3 products and 3rd-party PS3 peripherals.

more info


no 3rd party Kinect's?

Masterchef20072759d ago

I prefer the original Sony move controllers more

jneul2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

pachter is clueless about move sales, it realistically has not sold less than 3m because of shortages for stand alone controllers, the 1m will be starter packs because sony over estimated on that part
also only cheap ppl will buy snakebyte over the real move, which is way sexier

Masterchef20072759d ago

We should wait until the holidays pass then we will know which one truly sold more. Not that sales mean anything but here in N4G they mean a lot to the fanboys. What i am more worried about is dev support. I just hope that devs implement move in more of their games.