The Shackles of 'Fun' (

BeefJack: "Make games that are fun, by all means. They’re important too. I want blue skies, rainbows and very big numbers; I want mindless escapism and the thrill of seeing things explode. But I also dream of a game in which the idea of taking a life fills me with horror. A game where I can find out why, faced with the choice, I might do it anyway."

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Swiftfox2670d ago

I agree. Game's don't always have to be fun.

Look at the history of such expressive mediums, like movies. Movies for a time were supposed to be pure entertainment, we all know that is hardly the case. Some movies are comedies, romances, moral based, or historic.

How about comic books? Once purely sold to kids they have since evolved into Graphic Novels and no longer have the obligation to be light hearted or humorous.

This medium has so much potential that I would say limiting it to just games that are "fun" is really holding it back. Games can be fun, no doupt about that, and I hope they continue to make games that are simple fun. However, I think that gaming should mature and allow itself different experiences. We are seeing that now more than we have ever before, thankfully, with games like Heavy Rain out in front.

troll2669d ago

Yes, fun is not necessary for something to be enjoyable. Imagine if the movie or the book industry had the same kind of mantra. How long would you make it if you could only watch slapstick comedies or read dirty limericks?

There is a full range of themes and motivators besides fun and it's frustrating to see it largely go unused.