Network issues with 1.92? Sony is aware and trying to fix it

We've received many, many complaints from PlayStation 3 owners who are complaining that after upgrading to firmware 1.92, they've been unable to connect to the PlayStation Network, the Store, or the Warhawk servers. The problem seems to happen immediately after the upgrade, but for some people (PS3 Fanboy writers included) the issue will crop up randomly days later.

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I myself couldn't get in many websites and in the store, right after the upgrade. Tried to check on the notebooks and everything was alright.

But I "solved" it simple. Just go in another account, let it get into the PSN normally, then when you come back to any other account, everything is OK again... This have worked, not only for me but also for some friends, but I don't have any idea on why or how this works.

CrimsonAngelic4119d ago

Cause this just happend to me 10 minutes ago muah ha

LOFT3164119d ago

getting into the PS store and the Web browser so i Deleted the cookies and cache and everything is fine now

SmokeyMcBear4119d ago

hmm interesting.. I remember another updated I was having this problem, random disconnects from the psn, connection contantly dropping, but that was a while ago. I made a static ip for the ps3, and it has been good ever since. Havent had the problems people are having right now, well ill cross my fingers.

joevfx4119d ago

its been happenign to me since i first got my PS3 in december. they need to ugrade the wifi card firmware. it will alwasy randomly sign m eoff and not be able to see my wifi router even though my laptop can see it perfectly fine.

SmokeyMcBear4119d ago

make a static ip for your ps3. Don't do the automatic connect thing. Manually put in an adress for the internet connection on your ps3, get the other information needed from your router and the computer. Do you have a linksys. I have one and had the same problems. But I put in a static ip for my ps3, and havent had any problems since, it also fixes the problems with the media servers. A quick fix is to turn the media sharing off in the network connections

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The story is too old to be commented.