Upcoming XBLA games

Discless takes a look at some xbla games releasing in the next couple of months

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granthinds2731d ago

Swarm is going to be pretty intense! Pretty stoked for that!

Yi-Long2731d ago

... and it's absolutely great. One of the very best XBLA games of the year!

pantsula2731d ago

It's a very clever marketing ploy the have with the secret codes.

Yi-Long2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Even without the 'marketing-ploy', it's still a fantastic game.

TBH, I don't think it's a marketing-ploy, but I think the game isn't really finished for release yet, so Microsoft probably hasn't given them clearance yet.

Some gamers are experiencing 'freezes' in the game, plus the avatar-awards don't work yet, so I think that's why they chose to release it with these codes, so they have kind a of a 'beta' going on, and they will fix it untill MS gives the green light to put it up.

Personally, I fell love with the game when it was first announced, and pretty much immediately downloaded it last week. Haven't experienced the freezing yet, but I'm sure I will, and I'm sure they're hard at work to fix it, so I'm not that bothered about it.

I think Super Meat Boy just edges it as my GOTY when it comes to XBLA-games, but it's damn close. :)

pantsula2731d ago

It's awesome that indies can get exposure through XBLA.

granthinds2731d ago

Yup, it's great that a platform exists like this. Remeber the old days when you had to post games to friends...

pantsula2731d ago

Haha, or driving through town with a packpack full of discs ?

DiRtY2731d ago

There is a game where you play a monkey and I played the shit out of it on my Sega Genesis.

Toki is the bomb!

One of my most loved platformers of all time.

WobblyOnion2731d ago

IloMilo is just a fantastic gem of a game. Looking really forward to Battleblock Theatre too.

Rhezin2724d ago

dammit I really hope ps3 gets battleblock theater, you 360 fans are in for an incredible treat.